Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences!

This information is aimed at international exchange students who have been admitted to studies at UiO, in order to prepare for their arrival and semester start. Are you looking for admission to UiO?

Orientaton week and buddy activities for international students

The Orientation week for new international students is a week of events to help new students settle in, get to know Oslo, meet people and have fun! We highly recommend that you organize your travel to Oslo on time to take part in the events.

To help you feel settled and ‘at home’ as soon as possible, there are lots of social activities organised in this period. There will be buddy activities both during the day and in the evening so you will not be short of plans during your first week.

The Faculty of Social Sciences will divide all new international exchange students arriving in January into buddy groups. You will get more information about your buddy group in the welcome meeting.

Orientation week: Program

NB: Please note that there may be changes to the program. We will try to let you know as best as we can, but please try to check this program regularly. 

Friday, January 4

When What  

Meet and Greet service

Oslo airport and Oslo Central Station
18:30-11:59 First night in Oslo  The place will be announced

Monday, January 7

When What  

Welcome meeting

The University will give information on your time here at UiO. You will also get information on your buddy groups here. 

Auditorium 7 in Eilert Sundts Hus (At campus Blindern)

Introduction games

Time to break the ice and put some names to all the new faces! We provide the games, you just need to bring your best self and be ready to make new friends!

Eilert Sundts hus

Free lunch

Sandwiches. There will be vegetarian options. 

Eilert Sundts hus

Campus tour

Where’s the grocery store? Where’s Knutepunktet? Which cafe is the best? Your buddies will show you around!

Eilert Sundts hus/Blindern

Norway in a Nutshell

A welcome event for all new international students at the University of Oslo.

Auditorium 1 in Georg Sverdurps hus

Movie-screening of “Thelma”

Norwegian thriller from 2017.
We’ll provide the candy!

Georg Sverdurps hus

Chill-out with snacks

We’ll hang out in the buddy groups, eat some snacks and play some games. If you’re keen on some more food, this is a great time to stop by the grocery store at campus.

Seminar room 114, 120, 124, 132, 140 in Harriet Holters hus

20:00 ->

Welcome party at U1

We are teaming up with the psychology students for some great music, chat and games at U1.

U1 at Eilert Sundts hus

Tuesday, January 8

When What  

Orientation day for new international students at UiO

Sophus Lies auditorium

If you’re not sure where Sophus Lies is, some of the buddies will be at Eilert Sunds from 09:00 to give directions.


Registration help - Studentweb 

If you need help to register for courses on Studentweb, please come by our registration help (drop-in).

PC-room 350 and 351 in the third floor in Eilert Sundts hus

Ice skating and activities at Tøyen

We´re going ice skating! Bring thick socks and puffy clothes to cushion the fall - because you will fall, but that’s half the fun! Hot chocolate is served at the rink.

Ice rink: Rudolf Nilsens Plass, Oslo

Please refer to your buddy group for how to get to the ice rink.
If you’re getting help registering at Studentweb, you can also take the metro with Nora (meet by the entrance of Eilert Sunds at 15:15)
18:00 ->

“Norwegian Night”

Yesterday you got a sneak peak into what this country is all about, and now, we're diving straight in. Norwegians love to spend time at their cabins, so tonight we’re bringing the cabin to you! We’ll also be serving some traditional Norwegian food, like waffles and brown cheese!

U1 at Eilert Sundts hus

Wednesday, January 9

When What  

Police registration help for non-EU students (drop-in)

The place for registration help will be announced.
12:00 -14:00

Registration-help for NORINT-courses (drop-in)

Help to register for Norwegian language course on the Studentweb. The staff is more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the course.

The place for registration help will be announced.
15:00 -20:00

Cafe to cafe at Campus Blindern

Join your buddy group for a tour of all the cafes at Campus Blindern.
Some of the cafés also offer opportunities to volunteer as a member of staff. This is a great way to get to know your fellow Norwegian students.
Please remember to bring valid ID (student ID is not accepted).

You will get information on the exact time and place from your buddies. 

Quiz (Place TBD) 

International students are welcome to join a quiz made for the occasion by the English section of Norway's biggest student newspaper, Inter Universitas

Please remember to bring valid ID (student ID not accepted)

 Head to "---" with your buddy group as you wrap up the cafe tour. 


Thursday, January 10

When What  

Introduction to the Library and IT-services

Auditorium 7, Eilert Sundts hus

Oslo sightseeing by bus - remember to sign up!

Please meet up at 12:50 outside Knutepunktet in Lucy Smiths hus for the bus tour.


Quiz at Uvisst

We hope you’ve been paying attention over the last few days - it’s quiz-time!


Uvisst: Tordenskiolds gate 11, 0160 Oslo

Friday, January 11

When What  

Korketrekkeren/Snowfight, snowman-competition

Korketrekkeren is Oslo's most popular toboggan run starts at Frognerseteren and ends at Midtstuen metro station. The run is 2,000 metres long, and the elevation drop is 255 metres. We'll have a barbeque (vegetarian options available), but please bring some snacks for yourself as well. 

Do make sure to put on warm clothes, including gloves and a hat if you have any! The buddies will try to bring some extra, but if you know that you lack enough warm clothing, try to ask in your buddy group for something to borrow a day or two in advance. 

Take the Metro Line 1 west to Frognerseteren (the last stop), on your own or with your buddy group. 

If you need directions, call one of your groups buddies (You`ll get their contact details early in the week) or Sjur at 477 53 805. 

NB: If the weather is bad, other activities will be arranged. Please pay close attention to any information given by your buddies.




We’ll break for a few hours in order for you to get a change of clothing. If you don’t feel the need for stopping by at home, some of the buddies will hang out at a cafe at Majorstua.

If you want to join us at the cafe at Majorstua, just hang back when we get to Majorstua metro stop or ask us on the metro on the way down.

Battle-prep with your buddy groups

Your buddies will organize a get-together before we all head to U1, please refer to them for exact time and place.

You will get information on the exact time and place from your buddies.

Battle-night at U1

Time to show that the international students rule! We’ve challenged the psychology students to an epic battle night, where the winning team gets sweet prizes and eternal glory!

U1 at Eilert Sundts hus.

Events for all international students

Knutepunktet - the International Student Reception also organize events for international students in and after orientation week. Go to events calendar.

Questions regarding orientation week?

Please contact SV-info for questions about the administrative events. 

Please contact your buddy coordinator for questions about the social activities:

  • Nora Selnæs
  • Phone: +47 90606226
  • E-mail: norasel@student.sv.uio.no


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