The PC course room in Harriet Holters House

The course room is intended for use in teaching at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The programmes are pre-installed for teaching purposes. It is not possible to install additional programmes on these machines or to save documents locally on them.

Access to the Room

The same student and employee card system that is used for entrance to the buildings controls access to the Pc course room. After 16.00 users also need to use their card access code. Student employee cards are obtained in the Akademika bookshop. SV-infosenter has reserve cards that can be lent out when necessary.
The door shoukld always be locked when no course is being held.

If you experience any problems with access to the room or have other security concerns contact the university's security and alarm centre. Emergencies: 56666, Normal enquiries (24h): 55007 or 57537


Programmes in PC rooms and course rooms

Other programmes

It is not possible for users to install or uninstall programmes. If you need to use programmes other than those normally installed it is possible for IT staff to install a programme if it does not conflict with programmes already installed. Programmes that do not appear on the list above will be removed after the period for which their use has been approved has elapsed.

Mounting of disk shares

No disk shares are mounted automatically. It is therefore important that the lecturer is familiar with the "path" to any disk share that is to be mounted in order for students to access files.
In order to use the faculty's course rooms and PC rooms you need to have an active user and operative password. Additionally, students need to be legitimate SV students (members of the file groups svstud or sv).

Errors or problems?

Send e-mail:

If things do not work as they should it is important that we are informed. We do not have the capacity to check the room between each session.


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