IT centres

The faculty has IT centres in Eilert Sundts House and Harald Scheldrups House. The centres are intended for the use of the faculty's students.

Eilert Sundts House:

The learning centre: Eilert's Learning Centre is place to work, so the noise level should be kept as low as possible. It is permitted to talk quietly in the areas on the left as one enters the room. Group rooms are seperated, but not soundproofed, so the same considerations apply to these.

Room B222: computer lab.

Masters IT centre Floor 4: IT centre for Master students

Harald Schelderups House:

Storstua: Arbeidsstua.

Kjellerstua: Den stille stua.

Undervisningsstua: Kombistua.


In addition to the university's IT regulations the faculty's IT centres have their own rules.

  • Breaks of up to 20 minutes are permitted. When taking a break users are required to leave a note on the computer informing of the break.
  • When leaving a machine (for a break) the user must log out. Do not forget to save documents being worked upon. Others are free to use the machine while the user is taking a break.
  • Any user caught illegally copying data, changing the configuration of a computer or playing games in the computer centres will receive a warning and will be expelled on repeating an offence.
  • It is prohibited to speak on a mobile phone in the computer centres.
  • The IT supervisors are responsible for implementing the rules. User are required to follow their instructions.
  • When leaving a workstation the area should be tidy. Books and other items that are left behind will be removed.
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