The AV service

Teaching rooms, network, the lending service.

AV and PC equipment in the faculty's teaching rooms.

Teaching rooms can be reserved via TP (in norwegian).

Rooms are divided into 4 levels depending upon size:

  • Level 1: Large auditoriums with over 250 seats. In additon to use for teaching these are used for TV productions, debates and disputas.
  • Level 2: Medium large auditoriums 75-250 seats
  • Level 3: Small auditoriums and large and medium large seminar rooms 20-75 seats
  • Level 4: Small seminar rooms with less than 20 seats

List of equipment in teaching rooms (in Norwegian)

Departments themselves are responsible for providing additional equipment in small seminar rooms and for meetings rooms. This can be done in cooperation with the faculty's AV personnel.

Instructions for use of equipment installed is provided in all auditoriums and seminar rooms.

For reasons of proximityu to auditoriums and semianr rooms SV-infosenter is the first line of user support. The second line of user support is SVITAV.

For assistance at weekends and outside of core hours special arrangements must be made.

Network in auditoriums

All auditoriums have a PC connected to the Internet. All users of PCs are required to identify themselves by way of the login process. Those who engage lecturers are responsible for those lecturers having an operative user account. For security reasons no machines have open guest accounts.

Lending service

The service is responsible for the lending of AV equipment used for researcha and teaching. The list is updated each year. In 2010 the following equipment is available for loan. All questions regarding the loan of equipment should be made to the AV-Help telephone 58222.

The media room

The media room is intended for the faculty's staff. All use of the room must be arranged in advance. The key to the room and instruction on the use of the media equipment are available from AV-Help.

Media production:

  • Editing of video and production of DVDs. Typical areas of use are the editing of video taking from fieldwork
  • Equipment for transference or conversion of audio. For example, the copying of audio from cassettes or vinyl records to newer media.
  • Poster printer up to a maximum of A2. Typical area of use is posters made by SV-info/student organisations in connection with special events.
  • The scanning of pictures (no text recognition), slides (whole magazines autonmatically) and negatives.


  • Windows PC for transcription (Hypertans/HyperResearch)

Video conferencing

The university has a room for video conferences on Floor 3. of Georg Sverdrups House (UB). Contact Knut Ottersen tlf. 22844207 if you wish to use this service.

User support

AV technician
Senior engineer Lasse Moer

Tel. 22858222
Mob. 90517201

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