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Requirements for article-based theses in Social anthropology

While a doctoral thesis in social anthropology is usually structured as a monograph, it is possible to write an articla-based thesis.

The introductory section should be an independent, descriptive, methodical, and analytical text, and should articulate and develop a perspective on the connections between the different parts of the thesis. The most important function of the introductory part is to show the independent contribution to the field, and to explain and argue why the elements of the thesis constitutes a whole.

An article-based thesis should be bewteen 200 and 300 normal pages, including references. The length of the introductory section must be adapted to this requirement.

The introductory section should contain the following elements:

  • Introduction
  • Theoretical-analytical framework
  • Regional-ethnographic background and/or empirical elaboration
  • Research methods, including reflections on relevant ethical considerations
  • Elaboration and discussion of the unifying elements of the articles.
  • Conclusion
  • References

The introduction presents the research question, and justifies why it is chosen. In addition, the introduction should list the title of the articles included and indicate their publication status.

The theoretical-analytical framework presents the over-arching theoretical-analytical approach connecting the contributions in the articles together. This part is also an opportunity to go more in-depth into theory presented in the various articles.

Because journal articles gives limited room to outline the relevant regional-ethnographic contexts and present empirical material, this section – that is, regional-ethnographic background and/or elaboration – should be given particular attention in the introductory section. Where relevant, please also present the historical context.

Moreover, as journal articles also give limited room for discussing research methods, the methodical framework, as well as research strategy should be evaluated in the introductory section. Where relevant, viewpoints with respect to question relating to philosophy of science should be made clear. Additionally, the data collection procedure is presented and discussed.

The introductory part should discuss the connection between the articles. That is, it should demonstrate and argue why the thesis should be considered a whole, and how it contributes to the research field.

The conclusion answers the thesis' research question, and discusses implications of the findings, and reflect how these contribute to the existing literature in the research field.

References made in the introductory section should be listed after the conclusion of the introductory section. The appendix is listed at the end of the thesis, that is, after all the articles have been presented.


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