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Clarifications/guidelines from the Department of Economics to the guidelines of article-based dissertations

The requirements by the Department of Economics are anchored in the guidelines for article based thesis, adopted by the Programme board for the PhD program on 21st September 2006, revised on 20th September 2012. Under Section 2, the following applies:

“The thesis, not included the introductory part, should normally respond to three articles of normal size with the candidate as the sole author. If there are co-authors of one or more articles, there may be reason to expand the number of articles, so that the candidate’s independent contribution of extensive efforts is evident. It is a prerequisite for consideration of a doctoral thesis that the candidate is the main author and has extensive professional responsibility for a majority of the articles included in the thesis.”

The clarification states:

1. An article-based thesis shall consist of at least three papers in a format corresponding to that of standard articles in typical international academic journals in Economics.

2. If one of the papers is larger in scale or scope than a typical journal article, the other papers may be correspondingly smaller.

3. At least one of the papers shall be single-authored. This paper shall be of full scale and scope.

4. Normally, if one paper has more than one co-author, or more than one of the papers have co-author(s), then the thesis shall consist of more than three papers.

5. Normally, the thesis shall not consist of more than four papers.

6. Normally, taking the number of co-authors of each paper and summing these over all papers, the total shall not exceed six


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