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Supplementary guidelines to article-based theses submitted to the Department of Sociology and Human Geography

Introductory chapter  - content and size

The introductory chapter of an article-based thesis summarizes and compares the research issues and conclusions that are presented in the articles in a holistic perspective, and in so doing documents the coherence of the thesis.

The introductory section should include the following components:

  • Introduction: The introductory section presents the topic of the thesis and the research question, and justifies the choice of topic. You should also list the titles of the articles on which the thesis is based, and indicate the current status of the thesis in terms of publication.
  • Theoretical framework: The theoretical framework presents the overarching theoretical approach that unifies the theoretical perspectives in the individual articles. This part may also explore the theory presented in each article in more depth. Here it is important to operationalize and specify how the theory and key concepts are employed in the thesis as a whole. The research questions may be elaborated as required.
  • Methodology: Since there is often little scope in journal articles to elaborate on methodology, this should be given prime focus in the introductory section. Here the choice of research strategy must be discussed. When relevant, the scientific platform should also be described as well as the data collection process. Both the quality and analysis of the data must be discussed.
  • Short summary of each article: You should provide a short one to two-page summary of each article in order to highlight the thread of continuity in the thesis.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion must explicitly answer the thesis topic and research question. It must discuss the theoretical implications of the findings, and indicate how the findings contribute to the existing literature in the field. Recommendations on the need for future research are also appropriate.
  • List of references: The list of references for the introductory section follows the conclusion. The appendix must be placed at the end of the thesis, i.e. after the full text of the articles. Interview guides and questionnaires must be included in the appendix.
  • Some authors may also wish to include a background chapter.               

    Candidates started before 2021 were advised that the dissertation should be between 10 000-17 000 words. For candidates starting 2021 or later: The introductory chapter should be minimum 15 000 words or maximum 30 000 words. References and appendix with e.g. interview-guides come in addition. 


    Articles – size and co-authors

    The dissertation have to contain at least three single-authored articles. In case the candidate is writing together with other researchers, the thesis have to contain more than three articles. The candidate's authorship must be at least 300% in the dissertation, that means if the candidate writes together with others, the candidate's part have to equal three single-authored articles. (E.g.: article nr. 1 100%, article nr. 2 100%, article nr. 3 70%, article nr. 4 30% - as a minimum). The co-author declaration need to state how many percentage the candidate and the other authors stand for in the article in question.


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