Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social Science Studies

Participation fee

Any travel expenses and accommodation costs must be paid for by the participants themselves.

- The participation fee for one course is NOK 4500,- (approx. 455 EUR, approx. 400 GBP, approx. 540 USD).

- The fee for two courses is NOK 7000,- (approx. 710 EUR, approx. 625 GBP, approx. 840 USD).

NOTE: The currency is converted into EUR, GBP & USD on December 18, 2017. Minor changes may have occured since then.

The participation fee includes

  • Daily lunch during the course week(s).
  • Some social arrangements after class sessions.
  • Partial covering of expenses towards administration and honorarium for lecturers.
  • Some parts of the reading material sent to you in advance of the course.


Unfortunately, the Oslo Summer School currently does not have any grants or scholarships. All costs in relation to participation in our courses must be paid by participants themselves (or by their home institution).

Cancellation after having paid participation fee

  • If you paid online using VISA or MasterCard through the University of Oslo's E-pay option you will be reimbursed the amount in full.
  • If you paid the participation fee using an invoice you will be reimbursed NOK 3000 if you paid for one course, or NOK 5000 in case you paid for two courses.


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Published Oct. 5, 2010 2:15 PM - Last modified June 4, 2018 11:46 AM