Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social Science Studies 2001

  Week 31  
The Impact of Formal and Informal Political Institutions and Globalization on Policy Performance in OECD Countries Dr Markus M.L. Crepaz, University of Georgia, Athens, USA Political Science
Comparative Methodology Professor Charles C. Ragin, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA Sociology, Political Science, Research Methodology
Europe and the New Economy Professor Luc Soete, Maastricht University, the Netherlands Economics, Sociology
Globalisation, Regionalisation, and the State Professor Bob Jessop and Dr. Ngai-Ling Sum, Lancaster University, UK Human Geography, Sociology; Political Science
  Week 32  
Democracy and Democratization Professor Pippa Norris, Harvard University, USA Political Science
Rethinking Nation-State Identities in Europe Dr. Yasemin Soysal, University of Essex, UK Sociology, Anthropology
Education and Development for All - Mythds or Realities? Reflections on the African Experience Professor Harold D. Herman, University of Western Cape, South Africa Educational Science, Sociology
The Anthropology of Power and Resistance in a Changing World Professor John Gledhill, Manchester University, UK Anthropology, Sociology
Evolution, Rationality and Equilibrium in Games Professor J�rgen W. Weibull, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden Economics