Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social Science Studies 1997

Third Annual European Summer School in Local Government Studies (Joint offering)

Dates: 28 July - 6 August, 1997
Main discipline: Political Science

Bas Denters, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Oscar Gabriel, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Michael Goldsmith, University of Salford, England
Vincent Hoffmann-Martinot, University of Bordeaux, France
Bill Miller, University of Glasgow, Scotland
Poul Erik Mouritzen, Odense University, Denmark
Audun Offerdal, University of Bergen, Norway
Lawrence Rose, University of Oslo, Norway
Krister Ståhlberg, Åbo Academy, Finland

Local coordinators
Professors Harald Baldersheim & Lawrence Rose, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo

This course is a special offering in conjunction with the European (SOCRATES) network concerned with local government studies. The location of the network's summer school rotates among its member institutions the location for 1997 being Oslo. The course is also open to students from non-member institutions. The course is being offered as a joint venture with the Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social Science Studies 1997. The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Oslo is providing administrative assistance, while the network and the local coordinators are responsible for the academic content of the course.

The theme for the lectures during the 1997 summer school is Local Democracy and Citizenship. The course will combine a series of lectures and work in small groups.

Lecture topics will include the following:

Lectures will be held in plenum and are designed to provide in-depth insight into key issues relating to the principal theme of the course. Lecturers, all of whom are eminent experts in their field of work, are drawn from various institutions throughout Europe. They all offer a comparative perspective.

In addition to the lectures, students will be divided into smaller work groups in which the emphasis will be on presentation and discussion of materials prepared by the participants. Two types of materials will be prepared and presented: (1) research papers or proposals, and (2) articles, books or other scientific works which students have found to be of special inspiration or importance in their academic work. Work groups will be led by faculty members, but are intended to function as an open forum for the interchange of ideas and perspectives relating to the work of individual participants.

Requirements for the Third European Summer School in Local Government Studies
This course is intended for advanced students (doctoral candidates) with research interests in topics relating to local or sub-national government. In order to receive a Course Certificate documenting participation in the summer school, students will be expected to attend all lectures as well as take part in and make two presentations in the small work groups. As previously noted, one presentation will be based on a paper (roughly 15 to 30 pages in length) representing a piece of recently-completed research or a proposal for research about to be undertaken. Participants are expected to bring at least 15 copies of this paper or proposal with them to Oslo for distribution to other members of their work group. (This requirement differs from the other courses of the Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social Science Studies.) The second presentation will be based on an article, book or other scientific work which the individual student wishes to share with others.

Titles of individual research work or proposals as well as relevant articles, books or other scientific work which participants wish to present must be submitted to the course coordinators in Oslo by 1 July 1997.

Basic Readings
A reading list with a set of required and recommended readings for each topic to be covered by the lectures will be prepared and mailed to participants prior to their arrival in Oslo. A compendium of required readings will be available upon arrival in Oslo.

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