Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social Science Studies 1995

  31 July - 4 August 1995  

Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) European/Scandinavian Workshop. Comparative Studies on Income and Income Distribution

Professors Frank Cowell, Marcus Jantti and Johan Fritzell, University of London, UK, �bo Akademi, Finland and University of Stockholm, Sweden

Political Science, Sociology

International and Inter-Cultural Comparative Analyses of Attitudes towards Social Inequality and towards the Role of the Government

Professor Peter Ph. Mohler, and Dr. Richard G. Topf, London Guildhall University, UK

Sociology, Political Science

Comparative Aspects of Industrial Modernisation in Europe, USA and Japan

Professor Horst Kern, University of G�ttingen, Germany


European Regional Development: the Role and Function of Innovative Networks

Professor Phil Cooke, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK Human Geography
Economic Institutions Compared Professor Karl Ove Moene, University of Oslo, Norway Economics
  7 - 11 August 1995  
Comparative Welfare State Research Professor G�sta Esping-Andersen University of Trento, Italy Sociology, Political Science

Comparative European Perspectives on Education and Social Inequality

Professors Walter M�ller and Robert Erikson, University of Mannheim, Germany, and University of Stockholm, Sweden

Educational Science, Sociology
Current Issues in Adult Education Theory and Research in Europe Lecturers: Professor Elisabeth Gerver, and Docent Thyge Winther-Jensen, University of Dundee, Scotland, and University of Copenhagen, Denmark Educational Science
Cognition and Symbolism Dr. Christina Toren, University of Trento, Italy, London, UK Social Anthropology

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