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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: If you do not find answers to your questions here, you may of course e-mail SV-info your question, and we will respond quickly.


Question: When is the deadline for applying to the Oslo Summer School, and when may I expect to receive an answer to my application?

Answer: Oslo Summer School will accept applications for our courses, as long as there are still vacant places, throughout the spring and summer up until the Summer School starts. Applicants may expect to receive answers rapidly after having submitted the 3 parts application procedure, please see further innformation about Application Procedures here.


Question: I am not a PhD student (but I am doing a MA thesis / I am doing research / I already have a PhD), am I still eligible to apply and gain admission to your courses?

Answer: Yes, non-PhD students are welcome to apply for admission to our courses and may gain admission provided there are places available on the course applied for. Minimum academic degree qualification is that you have a MA degree, or currently are about to complete your MA thesis within the social sciences or related academic fields, and naturally within a topic related to the course you apply for. However, please note that PhD students always will have priority regarding admission to our courses.


Question: Is accommodation included in the tuition fee?

Answer: No, accommodation is not included, but you may use the Oslo Summer School accommodation option to make a reservation for accommodation. Read more about finding accommodation (or accommodation organized by Oslo Summer School) at the Oslo Summer School Accommodation Page.


Question: Then, what exactly, does the tuition fee cover?

Answer: The tuition fee cover daily lunches during course week, smaller parts of the reading material, some social events and some general administrative costs.


Question: I would like to participate without having the daily lunches, the reading material or participate in any of the social events. In other words; I will provide everything for myself, do I need to pay the full course fee?

Answer: Yes, you will still have to pay the full fee. Oslo Summer School is organized in a way so that students are expected to socialize during lunches and social events.


Question: I am a PhD student from <put any given country here>, may I obtain a scholarship/financial support in order to participate in your summer courses?

Answer: At any given time, information about available scholarships will be announced on the Oslo Summer School web pages along with further information about who may apply for such scholarships and with what qualifications and requirements. If there is not currently any information about available grants/scholarships announced, it means there are no current openings for such grants/scholarships.


Question: Is it possible to participate in two different courses within the same week?

Answer: No, Oslo Summer School is organized in such a way that it is not possible to participate in more than one course within one week, as all courses are lectured during the same time schedule. However, participating in two courses in separate weeks is possible.


Question: Is the University Campus located far from the Oslo City Center?

Answer: No, Oslo is a fairly small capital city, and you can get virtually anywhere around in the centre of Oslo in less than 30 minutes using public transport. Tram and subway from Oslo Central Station to Blindern University Campus takes you about 20 minutes.



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