Oslo Summer School for Social Sciences

Lectures, Papers and ECTS Credits

- Our courses comprises 20 hours of lectures over the course of five days (Monday to Friday).

- The courses are at a postgraduate/PhD-level, and the language of instruction for all courses is English.

- The lectures will be held at the University of Oslo, Blindern Campus.

- Courses that require the use of computers will combine ordinary lectures with computer workshops.

- Those who are admitted to the program will receive an extended course curriculum and parts of the required readings in advance.

8 ECTS credits

In order to obtain course approval and to receive a Course Certificate awarding 8 ECTS credits, a written paper/ assignment of about 15-20 pages (or 6 - 8 000 words) must be submitted. Your paper will be evaluated and commented on by the course lecturer.

Note in particular:

  • Please include your full name and a short title of your paper on the front page. 
  • 6 - 8 000 words is the general suggested word count for all of our summer courses.
  • If your course lecturer(s) suggest a shorter/longer paper, or some other type of assignment to be submitted, you should abide by your course lecturer's suggestion in this respect.
  • Papers/ assignments that do not abide by the general suggested word count and/or the word count suggested by the lecturer, may be rejected.
  • Papers/ assignments that do not make extensive use of the course syllabus / reading material may be rejected.
  • Your papers/ assignments should be submitted in either word or pdf format, with 1,5 line spacing. Please make sure you include your name and the title of the course you attended on the front page of the essay/assignment.
  • Papers/ assignments must be submitted electronically in Inspera, unless you are advised otherwise.
  • Essays will most likely be assessed and commented on by the lecturer within eight to twelve weeks after your submission.

A completed course including submission of an approved paper is awarded 8 ECTS. Please note that the University of Oslo can only recommend that home institutions award participants with 8 ECTS credits (equivalent to 4 U.S. credits).

Deadlines for submitting papers/ assignments in 2019:

  • Participants who attend week 30, deadline are Thursday September 19, 2019.
  • Participants who attend week 31, deadline are Thursday September 26, 2019.
  • Exceptions: 

  • Feminist Political  Ecology: New Spaces of Engagement for Environmental Futures, deadline July 18, 12:00 (midday), for more information see course page

  • Case Study Research Methods: 2 options, see course page 

  • Mixed and Merged Methods: Toward a Methodological Pluralism: 2 options, see course page

Submitting your paper in Inspera

Before the deadline, you must familiarize yourself with Inspera, the digital exam system.

To log in, you must have an active UiO username and password. 

As mentioned in our e-mail regarding username at the Universtiy of Oslo, you should have received your username in an sms, if you have not received an sms, please contact us at info@sv.uio.no.

When you have received the user name, you must create a password (see instruction below) which can be used in StudentWeb (to order a transcript), IT services at UiO, and Inspera (to submit your essay). 

Click the "Set a new password" button on this webpage 

If none of the options above works in your case, you must bring a picture ID and receive your username and one-time password from the IT-department in the Eilert Sundt building (3rd floor) the first day of the course. plese make sure that you are able to log in to inspera before you leave. 

Inspera supports the two latest versions of the following browsers:

See Inspera's web pages for more information about the operating systems and browsers that are supported.

Submit your paper

  • Log in to Inspera 
  • Find your exam under My tests

Letter of attendance

Participants not in need of ECTS credits may request a Letter of attendance after having participated in the Summer School by sending an e-mail to the summer school administration (info@sv.uio.no).

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