Oslo Summer School for Social Science Studies - Application

Admission is granted on a rolling basis and applying early is to your advantage.

Those who apply early and with satisfying formal qualifications found to be in order, have the benefit of being offered a place in our courses before those applying later. 

Eligibility requirements

In order to register for the Summer School, you must fulfill these requirements:

  • You are a graduate or postgraduate student or a young professional from any social science field of study or related disciplines
  • You are proficient in English

Application deadline

The deadline is 1 June. Once you have submitted the required parts of the application documents, we will inform you whether we have a place available for you. 

1. Application 

The Oslo Summer School requires a completed application. When applying, make sure you fill in your correct personal details:

  • full name (as stated in your passport)
  • citizenship (as stated in your passport)
  • e-mail address
  • phone number including country code

In order for your application to be processed, all necessary documentation must be uploaded in the application form.

2. Letter of recommendation in support of your application

It is important that you upload a letter of recommendation from your educational and/or research institution to support your application. This letter may be written by your PhD supervisor or any other at your institution/workplace who is well informed about your academic research project and your academic background.

The letter should state:

  • current academic degree(s) held
  • your research interests
  • current research projects you are working on
  • other relevant information regarding your application.

A scanned copy of the original with signature is accepted.

3. Statement of motivation / purpose

In addition we require a statement of motivation, a brief note of 1/2 to max 1 page where you briefly inform us the following:

  • describe your current research and/or study project in a few sentences.
  • In what respect will your chosen PhD course(s) relate or apply to your current research and/or study project.

Target groups

The main target group is doctoral students with an interest in comparative and methodological social science. In addition, researchers, research scholars and MA students aiming at an advanced level are welcome to apply.

The priority regarding admission will always be on those doctoral students attached to any organized research training programme.

Read more about assignments and ECTS credits here.

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