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Programme structure

The educational component of the Political Science programme option amounts to 30 credits

Candidates whom commenced their PhD programme before Autumn 2015 semester are to follow the old programme structure

Programme elements

  • Design seminar, 1 credit
  • PhD seminar, 1 credit
  • Courses in The Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences and Research Ethics, 6 credits
  • Elective courses in research methods and theory, 10 + 10 credits
  • Midway assessment, 1 credit
  • Trial Public Defense, 1 credit

Obligatory seminars

Scope: 4 credits
The seminars are obligatory for all PhD candidates and counts for 1 credit each.

Courses in the Philosophy and Methodology of Social Sciences and Research Ethics

Scope: 6 credits
All PhD candidates must complete the Faculty of Social Science's courses in:

Elective courses in research methods

Scope: 10 credits
All candidates must complete PhD courses equivalent to at least 10 credits in Research Methods for the Social Sciences. Any course taken at an external institution (outside of the University of Oslo) must be pre-approved.

Elective courses in theory

Scope: 10 credits
At least 10 credits should consist of courses on topics specific to Political Science, or on topics that are particularly relevant to the thesis. All courses taken externally must be pre-approved.

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