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Programme structure

The educational component of the programme option in Technology, Innovation and Culture amounts to 30 credits.

Candidates admitted before autumn 2018 follow this study plan.

  • The required Faculty courses - introduction to the PhD programme, philosophy of social science, research ethics and researcher skills (10 credits)
  • TIK9102 - PhD seminars - 3 credits
  • Specialization course in STS or Innovation- 5 credits
  • Elective courses/conferences - 12 credits

Recommended course of study

3rd year

Thesis work





The required Faculty courses

- 10 credits

Final seminar

Elective elements

- 12 credits


2nd year




Midway seminar

1st year


Specialization course:

STS or Innovation

- 5 credits

The thesis

The thesis should consist of either a monograph (single cohesive research report) or a collection of smaller works (article-based thesis). If the thesis is article-based an introductory section must be included where the connection between the articles of the thesis is demonstrated.

Read more about the thesis, adjudication, and public defense

Midway seminar

A seminar is held by the candidate halfway through their ph.d period. In this seminar, the candiate presents the status of their work and is given feedback by two commentators appointed by the TIK centre. The midway seminar is obligatory. Read more about the midway seminar at TIK.

Final seminar

A second seminar is held by the candidate toward the end of their ph.d period. In this seminar, the candiate presents a final draft of their ph.d thesis and is given feedback by one commentator appointed by the TIK centre. The final seminar is obligatory.

The required Faculty courses - introduction seminar, philosophy of social science, research ethics and researcher skills

Scope: 10 credits.

All PhD candidates must attend an introduction seminar and pass mandatory courses in philosophy of science, research ethics and researcher skills, read more about the required Faculty courses here.

PhD seminars - TIK9102 A, B and C

Scope: 3 credits
These seminars are offered by the TIK centre every semester. Each candidate submits a text to be presented and discusssed by the group. In addition, each seminar has a session about central topics. Each candidate must attend at least three seminars over the course of their ph.d period.

Specialization course in STS or Innovation

Scope: 5 credits
PhD candidates at the Department of Technology, Innovation and Culture are required to undertake a specialization course in either STS or Innovation. The course should preferably be taken at TIK, but courses taken at other domestic or foreign educational institutions can be incorporated in the educational component upon application. All external courses must be pre-approved.

Elective elements of the educational component

Scope: 12 credits
The PhD candidate - in consultation with the supervisor - is free to fulfill the remaining quota of at least 14 credits with relevant courses, including participation in domestic or international conferences.

Participation in externally held (outside the University of Oslo) courses must be pre-approved by the TIK programme administrator in order to grant credits.

We encourage PhD candidates to present their research at home or abroad, and participation and presenting at domestic or international conferences can be counted towards your PhD in the form of credits. Candidates may earn a maximum of 3 credits, where 2 can come from international conferences, and 1 from domestic conferences. Credits are awarded upon a total assessment

Research schools

DIGIT - Norwegian research school on digitalization, culture and society

NORSI - Nordic Research School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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