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Programme structure

The structure outlined below is applicable to PhD-candidates admitted from Autumn 2018. Information for candidates admitted prior to Autumn 2018 is available here.

The educational component in Social Anthropology amounts to 30 credits and consists of the following required elements:

The required Faculty courses - introduction seminar, philosophy of social science, research ethics and researcher skills (10 ECTS)

All PhD candidates must attend an introduction seminar and pass mandatory courses in philosophy of science, research ethics and researcher skills, read more about the required Faculty courses here.

It is strongly recommended that this component is passed before candidates engage in field work.

Regional (-thematic) essay (applicable from spring 2017)

  • Before fieldwork you must submit a regional (-thematic) essay.
  • The essay gives no credits, but is compulsary for all PhD candidates. 
  • The deadline for admission is one month before fieldwork. The essay should be handed in to the administration and to your supervisor.
  • The supervisor will, in collaboration with the PhD leader, mark the essay. The essay needs to be approved before departure to the field.
  • You must notify the Head of PhD about where and when you are leaving for fieldwork 2 months before departure.
  • You have to fill out the PhD fieldwork notification form before you leave

More information and guidelines for the essay.

Courses in recent anthropological theory (10 ECTS)

These courses are held every spring and every autumn. The contents of the courses vary from year to year.

Prior to 2017 this component consisted of only one course:

SOSANT9100 – Recent Theory in Anthropology (discontinued)  (10ECTS)

Attendance in Department seminars

  • During semesters with no field work, all candidates are required to attend at least half of the Department seminars held that semester.
  • A timetable over attended seminars with names and dates is included in the annual progress report.

Courses in writing and research Methods (2 ECTS)

All candidates must take the following two courses:

Free credits in relevant theory or method (8 ECTS)

  • Candidates can take both internal and external courses at PhD level as long as these are pre-approved by the department.

Midway assessment

The midway assessment is a required part of the work on the thesis.

The midway assessment consists of:

  • an oral presentation by the candidate
  • a written document forming the basis of the presentation (submitted beforehand)
  • an ”opposition” and an academic evaluation

All candidates admitted after January 1st, 2011 must complete and pass the midway assessment.

More information on the Department's midway assessment (pdf) (only in Norwegian)

Academic presentation

Required part of the work on the thesis.

  • Candidates should hold at least one series of lectures or one seminar over the course of the PhD programme.
  • This can be a lecture, lunch seminar, Department seminar, work seminar, conference presentation etc. and should be documented in the progress report.
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