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Programme structure

The educational component in the PhD programme in Psychology amounts to a total of 30 credits (ECTS).

All candidates enrolled in the programme must complete the following courses:

  • The required Faculty courses - introduction to the PhD programme, philosophy of social science, research ethics and researcher skills (10 credits)
  • A mandatory research seminar (PSY9301-PSY9307, choose one, follow over 3 semesters A-C, with a short presentation, in total 5 credits)
  • Elective courses (15 credits). Maximum 3 of these credits can be obtained with presentation/poster at academic conferences.

Structure of the programme, including course listings:

Required courses (15 credits):


Required Faculty courses

 10 credits over two semesters   (spring/fall)     

PSY9301 - PSY9307

 5 credits

You have to choose one seminar with mandatory attendance in three semesters: PSY9301A= 1. semester, B= 2. semester, C= 3. semester + short presentation of project (preferably during the first semester).

Midway assessment: all candidates admitted to the programme must undertake a midway assessment. The midway assessment has its own course code PSY9050 and is conducted as a mandatory component of the research seminars. The candidate is required to consult the following document for more information about the midway assessment:

Department guidelines for midway assessment



Elective courses (15 credits):


Elective credits in theory or methods. You can take both internal courses and external courses on the PhD level.

Examples of courses you can take:




12 (or 15 credits)

Presentations/posters (elective)

See guidelines

3 credits

Approval of educational programme

The course instructor approves and attests participation in individual courses held by the Department of Psychology. Elective courses can be taken either at the Department of Psychology or other Departments or universities in Norway or abroad. Participation at conferences and seminars may also be counted as electives. The Department, represented by the Head of Research approves external courses within the scope of current guidelines. By application, exemption from one or more of the Department's required courses on the basis of similar courses taken elsewhere may be granted.

Read more about approval of external courses/activities (in Norwegian)

Overview over PhD courses offered at the Department of Psychology (in Norwegian)


Link to old program structures (in Norwegian):

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