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Programme structure

The educational component in the programme option for Sociology and Human Geography amounts to a total of 30 credits.

The structure outlined below is applicable to PhD candidates admitted from Autumn 2018.

Candidates admitted before January 1st 2015 follow this structure (in Norwegian). Candidates admitted between January 1st 2015-Spring 2018 follow this structure.

All candidates must complete the following education:

Required courses (12 credits):

  • The required Faculty courses - introduction to the PhD programme, philosophy of social science, research ethics and researcher skills (10 credits)
  • Thesis seminar (2 credits)
  • Midway assessment

Elective courses (18 credits):

  • Research Methods (5-15 credits)
  • Course in Theory/Substance (5-15 credits)

Recommended course of study

3rd year

SOS9006/SGO9006 Thesis seminar: Towards submission, 1 credit


Elective courses, 18 credits

2nd year

SOS9050/SGO9050 Midway assessment


1st year

SOS9001/SGO9001 Thesis seminar: Introduction, 1 credit

The required Faculty courses, 10 credits



Required courses

  • The required Faculty courses - introduction to the PhD programme, philosophy of social science, research ethics and researcher skills (10 credits)
  • The thesis seminar (2 credits) is intended to develop the individual candidate's thesis project. The thesis seminar aims to promote a sense of community among Ph.D. candidates admitted in the same semester. In the case of a leave of absence, exchange abroad, or other warranting circumstances, it is possible to apply for postponement of the seminar. The thesis seminar consists of two modules:

SOS9001 or SGO9001Thesis seminar: Introduction (1 credit) is a seminar common to all PhD candidates at the Department, that must be completed in the semester of -or following admission. Here candidates present their projects to each other as well as to the heads of research at the Department. The question of whether to write the thesis as a monograph or a selection of articles is discussed. Courses in literature searching and use of the university library are held.

SOS9006 or SGO9006 Thesis seminar: Towards submission (1 credit) The third part should be completed the semester before planned submission. Here the candidate will be given feedback in the process of completing the thesis. Candidates writing article-based thesis present a draft for the introductory part. Those writing a monograph present the introductory chapter of the thesis.

  • SOS9050 or SGO9050 Midway assessment The midway assessment and should be completed during the fourth semester for candidates with a 3-year scholarship, and in the fifth semester for those with a 4-year scholarship. The midway assessment consists of a status report for the thesis as well as an article/chapter draft. An appointed opponent, seminar leaders, supervisors and the other research fellows in attendance will give comments on the presented material. It is required that the candidates' main supervisor is present and we also encourage co-supervisiors to participate.


Elective courses

Courses at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography that counts as electives

  • Course in Research Methods. Minimum: 5 credits. For those writing theses that incorporate empirical analysis, the courses selected should be relevant for your analysis. Courses providing a broader introduction to current research methods within the academic field of interest might nevertheless be of interest. Our department offers course in both qualitative and quantitative methods every spring semester - SOS9008 / SGO9008 Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis and SOS9009 / SGO9009 Advanced statistical Methods.
  • Course in Theory or Substance. Minimum: 5 credits. These might be courses that go more in-depth on current theory and research in the candidate's field of interest, or more general courses in Sociological theory or Human Geographical theory.  Documentation: design of a scientific paper. Topics or perspectives form the thesis are viewed in relation to Sociological/Human Geographical academic traditions or academic traditions and literature on the subfield.

Approval of courses

All courses, seminars, and conferences must be approved by the Department. Here you will find detailed information on approval of courses.

Courses undertaken externally (outside of the University of Oslo) must be pre-approved. An electronic version of the application form (.doc) must be submitted to the PhD administrator along with scanned documentation (course certificates, syllabus, course description etc.).


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