Qualitative Digital Methods for Social Scientists

Academic responsible

Professor David Herbert



Dag Elgesem (Media and Communications, UiB)

Gidske Andersen (Human Geography, UiB)

Knut Helland (Media and Communications, UiB)

Knut Mikjel Rio (Anthropology, UiB)

Ragnhild Overå (Human Geography, UiB)


Alberta Giorgi, (Media and Communications, University of Bergamo, Italy)

John Boy, (Cultural Anthropology, University of Leiden, Netherlands)

Hande Eslen Ziya, (Media and Communications, University of Stavanger)

Course credits 5 or 10 ECTS

Course description


Session 1: 13 to 16 September (5 and 10 ECTS)

Session 2: November 2 days tbc (10 ECTS)




Tags: Research Methodology, Digitale metoder, Qualitative Methods
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