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IT and AV services

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Egil Bergh-Telle Bergh-Telle, Egil Senior Engineer +47-22845010 +47-90697377
Picture of Hein Bodahl Bodahl, Hein Senior Engineer +47-22855110 +47-40921015
Picture of Mohamed  Hazza Hazza, Mohamed Head Engineer +47 22 85 51 24 Innkjøp, IT-drift
Picture of Øivind Magnus Hoff Hoff, Øivind Magnus Head Engineer +47-22845012 +47-91748158
Jabbari, Azar Senior engineer +47-22845014 Lab-ansvarlig
Picture of Nils Mikal Mathisen Mathisen, Nils Mikal Head Engineer +47-22845444 IT services
Picture of Lasse Moer Moer, Lasse chief engineer 22858222 90517201
Nilsen, Brede Ruben Head Engineer +47-22856262 95302466
Picture of Janne Margrethe Odd Odd, Janne Margrethe Head Engineer +47-22855159
Picture of Luxman Rajasingam Rajasingam, Luxman IT Senior Engineer - Duty Officer +47-22841636 +47-91613046
Picture of Mari Anne Ramstad Ramstad, Mari Anne Section Manager +47-22855197 +47-92661747
Serhan, Alan Head Engineer +47-22845015 +47-90529810
Picture of Mahadevan Surendran Surendran, Mahadevan Head Engineer +47-22858225 +47-98869010
Picture of Øyvind Sørbye Sørbye, Øyvind Senior Engineer 22855199
Valla, Joakim Head Engineer +47-22856061 Local IT support, User support, IT services
Picture of Simon Wolff Wolff, Simon Head Engineer +47-22855144 +47-90091796 IT-drift, User support, Well-being, IT services
Picture of Geir Yggeseth Yggeseth, Geir Head Engineer +47-22856739 +47-93802480