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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Mija Nikolaisen Nikolaisen, Mija Adviser +47-22844687 Human resources administration
Nilsen, Elin Kristine Higher Executive Officer +47-22855592 BA Political Science, exams bachelor, Syllabus bachelor, Student councelling
Picture of Jord Nylenna Nylenna, Jord Senior Executive Officer +47-22841609 MA Political Science, admission master, Student councelling, Guest student status
Picture of Stina Petersen Petersen, Stina (On leave) Research support, EU, The Research Council of Norway, External funding, Research Communication, conference, Press contact, Open Access, Project management
Picture of Maren Ringstad Ringstad, Maren Senior Executive Officer +47-22854417
Picture of Nina Rundgren Rundgren, Nina Head of Office +47-22856527 +47-40202799
Saglie, Tor Senior Adviser +47-91713920
Picture of Inger-Lise Schwab Schwab, Inger-Lise Head of Office +47-22855255 +47-41234571
Selvig, Siri Steen Senior Executive Officer +47-22854418
Picture of Arina Shadrikova Shadrikova, Arina Administrative Manager +47-22854245 Research Support, Norwegian Centre of Excellence, External funding
Picture of Eivor Vold Skjelbostad Skjelbostad, Eivor Vold Higher Executive Officer +47-22854230 Seminars, Evaluation, Canvas, Web editor
Picture of Audrey Stark Stark, Audrey Higher Executive Officer +47-22844386
Picture of Mette Kristin Stenberg Stenberg, Mette Kristin Executive Officer +47-22856526 front desk, syllabus, letter of confirmation, departmental seminars, travel arrangements
Picture of Malin Folgerø Stensland Stensland, Malin Folgerø Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Bethina Strandberg-Jensen Strandberg-Jensen, Bethina Senior Executive Officer +47-22855226
Sundby, Sara Higher Executive Officer – On leave
Picture of Linda  Sygna Sygna, Linda Project Coordinator + (47) 909 35 111 Climate change, Environment, Development, Social Science
Thorsen, Sibel Adviser +47-22841631
Picture of Elisa Vik Vik, Elisa Higher Executive Officer +47-22854412 Studies, Guidance, Administration, Planning, Exams, Evaluations, Careers, Alumni
Picture of Nicklas Poulsen Viki Viki, Nicklas Poulsen Senior Executive Officer +47-22845169 Study administration
Picture of Ida Weseth Bjøru Weseth Bjøru, Ida Head of Office – On leave
Picture of Matthew Rix Whiting Whiting, Matthew Rix Higher Executive Officer +47-22844717 41479402 Reception, procurements
Picture of Sigrid Fremmerlid Wold Wold, Sigrid Fremmerlid Executive officer +47 22 84 50 00 / +47 22 84 44 04 Exam, examination
Picture of Sarah Younes Younes, Sarah Senior Executive Officer +47-22840923 PhD
Picture of Mari Strønstad Øverås Øverås, Mari Strønstad Senior Executive Officer +47-22841604 International, Web publishing, recognition, Student guidance, Web editor