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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Stian Andreassen Andreassen, Stian Adviser +47 22845160 Research management, Research support
Picture of Elin Arntzen Arntzen, Elin Adviser +47 22845119 STV4141, Quality assurance
Picture of Oda Asbjørnsen Aune Aune, Oda Asbjørnsen On leave until August 2023 Student and academic administration, Student councelling, Master commisions, Communication
Picture of Frøydis Gjerpe Bekkedal Bekkedal, Frøydis Gjerpe Adviser +47 22845118 Human resources administration
Picture of Monika Birkeland Birkeland, Monika Adviser
Picture of Per-Ole Bjørnstad Bjørnstad, Per-Ole Head Engineer +47 22845011
Picture of Ida Weseth Bjøru Bjøru, Ida Weseth Administrative Head of Department + 47 22857680
Picture of Barbara Bodorkos Friedman Bodorkos Friedman, Barbara Administrative Manager +47 22845017 +47 92137107 Research administration, Research support
Brekke, Eleonora Senior Executive Officer +47 22850562 Study administration
Brønstad, Petter Senior Executive Officer +47 22854815
Picture of Øyvind Colbjørnsen Colbjørnsen, Øyvind Senior Executive Officer +47 22855178 BA International Studies, Exam master, admission master, Urkund, Fritt Ord scholarship, Student councelling
Picture of Maria Vinje Dodson Dodson, Maria Vinje Adviser +47 22855254 Prosjektcontroller, Eksternt finansierte prosjekter
Picture of Joakim Dyrnes Dyrnes, Joakim Head of Office +47 22855246 +47 41698395
Picture of Maria Elise Dyvik Dyvik, Maria Elise Senior Executive Officer +47 22844124
Picture of Tormod Eide Eide, Tormod Adviser +47 22845113 Research management, Cristin, Open Access, Research Ethics, Research support
Picture of Mari Eidstuen Eidstuen, Mari Senior Executive Officer - on leave ph.d.-administrasjon, Peace and Conflict Studies, Student councelling, Study administration, Master commisions
Picture of Marit Eldholm Eldholm, Marit Senior Advisor +47 22858862 +47 91543266 External funding, Research support, Impact, Project management
Picture of Erik Engblad Engblad, Erik Adviser +47 99010787 Communication, Web editor, Web publishing, Press contact
Picture of Erik Engblad Engblad, Erik Adviser +4799010787 Communication, Web editor, Web publishing, Press contact
Picture of Tone Enger Enger, Tone Adviser +47 22855115 PhD, Exam arranging
Picture of Runar Forsetløkken Forsetløkken, Runar Adviser +47 22854037
Picture of Mari Gakkestad Gakkestad, Mari Adviser +47 22859468 Research administration, External funding, Research Communication, Web editor, Cristin, Open Access
Picture of Katalin Godberg Godberg, Katalin Adviser +47 22856645
Picture of Kirsten Ingeborg Greiner Greiner, Kirsten Ingeborg Senior Executive Officer, working part time. Student guidance, Study administration
Picture of Elisabeth Gråbøl-Undersrud Gråbøl-Undersrud, Elisabeth Administrative Manager +47 22845138 +47-92257780 Research administration, Research support, Research management, research funding, Research policy