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Persons 26 - 50 of 59
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Hanne Haukland Løge Løge, Hanne Haukland Higher Executive Officer Information, Studies
Picture of Nils Mikal Mathisen Mathisen, Nils Mikal Head Engineer +47-22845444 IT services
Picture of Jarle Mikkelsen Mikkelsen, Jarle Senior Executive Officer +47-22854621
Picture of Lasse Moer Moer, Lasse chief engineer 22858222 90517201
Picture of Liv Tone Måseidvåg Måseidvåg, Liv Tone Senior Executive Officer +4748148854 Recognition, administration
Nilsen, Brede Ruben Head Engineer +47-22856262 95302466
Picture of Toralf Nystøyl Nystøyl, Toralf Adviser +47-22857373
Picture of Janne Margrethe Odd Odd, Janne Margrethe Head Engineer +47-22855159
Picture of Fredrik Emil Olsbu Olsbu, Fredrik Emil Senior Adviser +47-22856336 99757031 Accounts, Finance
Picture of Yngvil Osdal Runde Osdal Runde, Yngvil Studies Web Content Manager 22857723 Communication, Web editor, Web publishing, Canvas
Picture of Luxman Rajasingam Rajasingam, Luxman IT Senior Engineer - Duty Officer +47-22841636 +47-91613046
Picture of Aashild Ramberg Ramberg, Aashild Advisor - Faculty of Social Sciences +47-22856223 Purchase
Picture of Mari Anne Ramstad Ramstad, Mari Anne Section Manager +47-22855197 +47-92661747
Picture of Marte Kløvrud Rognstad Rognstad, Marte Kløvrud Senior Executive Officer +47-22856221
Picture of Aud-Jorunn Sandal Sandal, Aud-Jorunn Senior Adviser +47-22858224 Human resources administration
Serhan, Alan Head Engineer +47-22845015 +47-90529810
Picture of Katherine Serrano Serrano, Katherine Adviser +47-48492610 Ekstern finansiering
Picture of Halvard Slåtten Slåtten, Halvard Executive Officer +47-22844141
Picture of Espen Smith-Meyer Smith-Meyer, Espen Adviser +47-22854202
Picture of Marte Sollund Sollund, Marte Adviser +47-22841603 93432537 +47 93 43 25 37 Web publishing, Web editor, Project management
Picture of Mahadevan Surendran Surendran, Mahadevan Head Engineer +47-22858225 +47-98869010
Picture of Truls Olaussen Sætrang Sætrang, Truls Olaussen Executive Officer
Picture of Øyvind Sørbye Sørbye, Øyvind Senior Engineer 22855199
Picture of Marie Sørhaug Sørhaug, Marie Executive Officer +47-22844124 Information
Picture of Tron Trondal Trondal, Tron Senior Executive Officer +47 22 85 49 71 recognition, International relations, administration