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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Logan, Sarah Frost Higher Executive Officer +47-22857039
Picture of Cristian Lopez Lopez, Cristian Higher Executive Officer +47-22845136 +47-92292362
Picture of Priyanthini Luxman Luxman, Priyanthini Higher Executive Officer +47-22844454 Finance
Picture of Hanne Haukland Løge Løge, Hanne Haukland Executive Officer Information, Studies
Picture of Nils Mikal Mathisen Mathisen, Nils Mikal Head Engineer +47-22845444 IT services
Picture of Jarle Mikkelsen Mikkelsen, Jarle Senior Executive Officer +47-22854621
Picture of Lasse Moer Moer, Lasse chief engineer 22858222 90517201
Picture of Liv Tone Måseidvåg Måseidvåg, Liv Tone Senior Executive Officer +4748148854 Recognition, administration
Nilsen, Brede Ruben Head Engineer +47-22856262 95302466
Picture of Toralf Nystøyl Nystøyl, Toralf Adviser +47-22857373
Picture of Janne Margrethe Odd Odd, Janne Margrethe Head Engineer +47-22855159
Picture of Fredrik Emil Olsbu Olsbu, Fredrik Emil Senior Adviser +47-22856336 99757031 Accounts, Finance
Picture of Yngvil Osdal Runde Osdal Runde, Yngvil Studies Web Editor 22857723 Communication, Web editor, Web publishing
Picture of Luxman Rajasingam Rajasingam, Luxman IT Senior Engineer - Duty Officer +47-22841636 +47-91613046
Picture of Aashild Ramberg Ramberg, Aashild Advisor - Faculty of Social Sciences +47-22856223 Purchase
Picture of Mari Anne Ramstad Ramstad, Mari Anne Senior Engineer +47-22855197 +47-92661747
Picture of Marte Kløvrud Rognstad Rognstad, Marte Kløvrud Senior Executive Officer +47-22856221
Picture of Helene Roshauw Roshauw, Helene Senior Adviser +47-22855211
Picture of Aud-Jorunn Sandal Sandal, Aud-Jorunn Senior Adviser +47-22858224 Human resources administration
Serhan, Alan Head Engineer +47-22845015 +47-90529810
Picture of Katherine Serrano Serrano, Katherine Adviser +47-48492610 Ekstern finansiering
Picture of Halvard Slåtten Slåtten, Halvard Executive Officer +47-22844141
Picture of Espen Smith-Meyer Smith-Meyer, Espen Adviser +47-22854202
Picture of Marte Sollund Sollund, Marte Adviser +47-22841603 93432537 +47 93 43 25 37 Web editor, Project management, Web publishing
Picture of Mahadevan Surendran Surendran, Mahadevan Head Engineer +47-22858225 +47-98869010