Persons tagged with «comparative politics»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Elin Haugsgjerd Allern Allern, Elin Haugsgjerd Professor +47 22858198 +47 95216110 Comparative Politics, Democracy, Political parties, Interest groups
Picture of Elisabeth Bakke Bakke, Elisabeth Associate Professor +47 22856643 +47 92234654 Comparative Politics, European studies, Parties, Elites, Nationalism, Visegrád, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Central Europe
Picture of Jørgen Bølstad Bølstad, Jørgen Associate Professor +47 22858818 +47 97167242 +47 97167242 Comparative Politics, Democracy, Political Psychology, Electoral Behavior, Public Opinion, Bayesian Statistics, Quantitative Methods, Causal Inference
Picture of Vilde Lunnan Djuve Djuve, Vilde Lunnan Researcher +47 48055639 Autocracy, regime breakdown, democratization, comparative politics, causes of breakdown, Quantitative methods
Picture of Solveig Hillesund Hillesund, Solveig Postdoctoral Fellow +47 90152562 Comparative Politics, Civil war, Nonviolent conflict, Inequality, Quantitative methods
Picture of Bjørn Høyland Høyland, Bjørn Professor Comparative politics, Methodology, EU, Legislative politics
Picture of Felix Haass Haass, Felix Postdoctoral Fellow +49177527629 Democracy, Comparative Politics, Conflict
Picture of Francesca Refsum Jensenius Jensenius, Francesca Refsum Professor +47 22842060 +47 91573512 Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Inequality, Elections, India, Latin America, Research Methods
Picture of Anders Ravik Jupskås Jupskås, Anders Ravik Deputy Director +47-22857642 Comparative Politics, Right-wing Extremism, Populism, Elections, Political Parties
Picture of Neil Frith Ketchley Ketchley, Neil Frith Professor +47 22844351 +44774202164 Comparative Politics, Social Movements, Collective Protest, Middle East, Political Sociology
Picture of Carl Henrik Knutsen Knutsen, Carl Henrik Professor +47 22854244 +47 90955708 Comparative Politics, Democracy, democratization, Dictatorship, Economic growth and development
Picture of Jana Krause Krause, Jana Associate Professor +3162722946 Comparative Politics, International relations, Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Gender
Picture of Peter Egge Langsæther Langsæther, Peter Egge Postdoctoral Fellow +47 97011579 Comparative Politics, Political Behaviour, Elections, Cleavages, Methodology, Statistics
Picture of Philipp Lutscher Lutscher, Philipp Postdoctoral Fellow +49176317107 Comparative Politics, Dictatorship, Technology
Picture of Miroslav Nemcok Nemcok, Miroslav Postdoctoral Fellow +3725300081 Comparative Politics, Electoral Behavior, Electoral systems, Public Opinion, Central Europe
Picture of Jacob Nyrup Nyrup, Jacob Postdoctoral Fellow +4551342188 Democracy, Comparative Politics, Conflict
Picture of Maryna Povitkina Povitkina, Maryna Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841114 +46767785720 Comparative Politics, Environment, Democracy, Corruption, Climate Politics
Picture of Magnus Bergli Rasmussen Rasmussen, Magnus Bergli Postdoctoral Fellow +47 99517477 Comparative Politics, Welfare State, Working Time, Trade Unions, Redistribution, Electoral Systems, Party Organization, International Organizations, ILO, Redistribution, Inequality
Picture of Anne Julie Semb Semb, Anne Julie Dean +47 22856125 International Politics, Political theory, Comparative politics, Conflict, State sovereignty, Minorities, Human rights, Citizenship
Picture of Håvard Strand Strand, Håvard Associate Professor +47 22855198 +47 99628371 Democracy, development studies, Global South, Elections, Comparative Politics, USA
Picture of Martin Søyland Søyland, Martin Researcher Methodology, Comparative Politics, Parliamentarism, Statistics
Picture of Olle Törnquist Törnquist, Olle Professor +47 22855328 +4652331720 Global South, India, Comparative Politics, Development Research, Democratisation, South and Southeast Asia