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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Eva Elisabeth Aspaas Skoe Skoe, Eva Elisabeth Aspaas Professor Emeritus +47 93 00 30 88 Emeritus, Developmental psychology
Picture of Eili Skrivervik Skrivervik, Eili Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Øystein Olav Skaar Skaar, Øystein Olav Methodology, Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology, Social Psychology
Picture of Marcin Sliwa Sliwa, Marcin Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856735 Urban development, Housing, Informality, Planning, Latin America
Picture of Jan Smedslund Smedslund, Jan Emeritus +47-22845272 +47-48253925 Clinical psychology and personality psychology, Emeritus
Picture of Markus Handal Sneve Sneve, Markus Handal Senior Engineer +47-22845216 41218003 +47-41218003 Cognitive psychology, Neuropsychology, Neuroscience
Picture of Tilmann von Soest Soest, Tilmann von Professor +47-22845171 Personality psychology, Health psychology
Picture of Ole Andre Solbakken Solbakken, Ole Andre Professor +47-22845180 Clinical psychology
Picture of Simen Sørbøe Solbakken Solbakken, Simen Sørbøe Doctoral Research Fellow +47 45514593 Political Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, International Politics, Methodology, Environment and Climate, Agent-based Modeling, Game Theory, Chaos Theory, Dynamic Systems, Complex Systems
Picture of Susanna Maria Solli Solli, Susanna Maria Senior Lecturer +47-22856103
Picture of Tatjana Stankovic Stankovic, Tatjana Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22841620 International Politics, Conflict Resolution, Game theory
Picture of Anton Steen Steen, Anton +47-22855182 public policy, refugees, governance, immigration policy
Picture of Bernt Stigum Stigum, Bernt Professor Emeritus 22855146 Econometrics, Economics
Picture of Kristian Stokke Stokke, Kristian Professor +47-22855242 97014168 +47-97014168 Human Geography
Picture of Olav Schram Stokke Stokke, Olav Schram Professor +47-22845964 99609048 International environmental governance, Nordic, International relations, International Politics, International cooperation, International institutions, International Political Economy
Picture of Kjetil Storesletten Storesletten, Kjetil Professor - Department of Economics +47-22844009 Economics, Money Credit and Finance, Growth and Development, Income Employment and Welfare, Economic Policy, China
Picture of Håvard Strand Strand, Håvard Associate Professor +47-22855198 Democracy, development studies, Global South, Elections, Comparative Politics, USA
Picture of Arne  Strøm Strøm, Arne Associate Professor Emeritus +47-22844303 +47-91138289 Economics
Strøm, Steinar Professor Emeritus Economics
Picture of Nhat Strøm-Andersen Strøm-Andersen, Nhat Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845786 Innovation, Bioeconomy, Food Industry, Sustainability Transitions, Strategic Management
Picture of Hanne Strømme Strømme, Hanne Associate Professor +47-22845235 Clinical psychology
Picture of Jan Stubberud Stubberud, Jan Associate Professor II +47-95104217 Cognitive psychology, Cognitive neuroscience
Picture of Magnus Eliasson Stubhaug Stubhaug, Magnus Eliasson Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Erik Stänicke Stänicke, Erik Associate Professor +47-22845079 Clinical psychology
Picture of Jon Martin Sundet Sundet, Jon Martin Emeritus +47-22845206 Methodology, Emeritus, Clinical psychology and personality psychology