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Sørreime, Hege Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854207
Picture of Arve Sørum Sørum, Arve Professor Emeritus +47-22855055 Rituals, Cosmology, Indonesia, Melanesia, Kinship, Indigenous peoples, Human ecology
Picture of Martin G. Søyland Søyland, Martin G. Lecturer Methodology, Comparative Politics, Parliamentarism, Statistics
Picture of Tina Naomi Sugahara Talleraas Talleraas, Tina Naomi Sugahara Science and Technology Studies
Picture of Christian Krog Tamnes Tamnes, Christian Krog Associate Professor +47-22845092 Cognitive neuroscience, Developmental psychology
Picture of Karl Halvor Teigen Teigen, Karl Halvor Emeritus Judgment and decision making, Social Psychology, Emeritus
Picture of Silje Maria Tellmann Tellmann, Silje Maria Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Stephen von Tetzchner Tetzchner, Stephen von Emeritus Developmental psychology
Picture of Lotte Thomsen Thomsen, Lotte Professor +47-22845176 Social Psychology
Picture of Cathrine Thorleifsson Thorleifsson, Cathrine Researcher 93094503 Nationalism, political anthropology, migration, identity, borders, globalisation, Europe, Middle East, Israel
Picture of Lars Thorvaldsen Thorvaldsen, Lars Doctoral Research Fellow Public Economics, Taxation, Econometrics
Picture of Torstein S. Throndsen Throndsen, Torstein S. Doctoral Research Fellow Human Geography
Picture of Taran Mari Thune Thune, Taran Mari Professor +47-22841634 93069594 Innovation, Innovation process, Innovation systems, Management of Innovation
Picture of Ida Therese Tidemann Tidemann, Ida Therese PhD Candidate +47-22845241 +47-99778491 Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Developmental psychology, Cognitive psychology
Picture of Odd Arne Tjersland Tjersland, Odd Arne Professor Emeritus Clinical psychology
Picture of Maren Toft Toft, Maren Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22855143
Picture of Matt Tomlinson Tomlinson, Matt Associate Professor +47-22857574
Picture of Anne-Kari Torgalsbøen Torgalsbøen, Anne-Kari Professor +47-22845233 +4747259465 +47-47259465 Clinical psychology
Picture of Svenn Torgersen Torgersen, Svenn Emeritus +47-90148036 Emeritus, Personality psychology
Picture of Gaute Torsvik Torsvik, Gaute Professor +47-22857434 Income Employment and Welfare, Economics, Economic Policy
Picture of Fartein Ask Torvik Torvik, Fartein Ask Associate Professor +47-21 07 83 07 (office) Methodology
Picture of Christian Traeger Traeger, Christian Professor +47-22855137 Economics, Resources Energy and Environment, Economic Policy
Picture of Hans-Jörg Trenz Trenz, Hans-Jörg Professor European public sphere, Civil society, European identity, Legitimacy, European integration, Institutions, European Union
Picture of Jarle Trondal Trondal, Jarle Professor +47 38 14 15 61 (UiA) +47 22 85 87 00 (ARENA) Public administration, EEA-agreement, European Commission, Administrative integration, European agencies, European integration, Institutions, European Union
Picture of Bente Træen Træen, Bente Professor +47-22845178 Health psychology, Social Psychology