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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Lars Mjøset Mjøset, Lars Professor +47 22856749 Sociology
Picture of Katarina Mozetic Mozetic, Katarina Doctoral Research Fellow 45060947 Sociology, Migration, Integration, refugees, qualitative research, Europe
Picture of Sigurd M. N. Oppegaard Oppegaard, Sigurd M. N. Doctoral Research Fellow Sociology, Labour, labour market, industrial relations, Technology, Sociological Theory, Welfare State
Picture of Per Jacob Otnes Otnes, Per Jacob Professor emeritus Sociology
Picture of Willy Pedersen Pedersen, Willy Professor +47 22854096 +4790268644 Sociology
Picture of Jan Pesl Pesl, Jan Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22 85 88 38 Legitimacy, European Union, Sociology, Crisis, Financial crisis, Social data science
Picture of Adrian Farner Rogne Rogne, Adrian Farner Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854263 92821610 Sociology, Demography, Segregation, Quantitative methods, Inequality
Picture of Sigurd Skirbekk Skirbekk, Sigurd Professor emeritus Sociology
Picture of Inga Sæther Sæther, Inga Doctoral Research Fellow Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Rural sociology
Picture of Tian Sørhaug Sørhaug, Tian Professor emeritus Sociology
Picture of Tove Thagaard Thagaard, Tove Professor emerita Sociology
Picture of Sabina Tica Tica, Sabina Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22857704 Migration, diversity, Cultural and political participation, Social inequality, Sociology
Picture of Tone Schou Wetlesen Wetlesen, Tone Schou Professor emerita Sociology
Picture of Karin Widerberg Widerberg, Karin Professor emerita Sociology