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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Tone Schou Wetlesen Wetlesen, Tone Schou Professor emerita Sociology
Picture of Matthew Rix Whiting Whiting, Matthew Rix Higher Executive Officer +47 22844717 +4741479402 Reception, procurements
Whittaker, Kristoffer James PhD candidate
Picture of Vegard Sjurseike Wiborg Wiborg, Vegard Sjurseike Doctoral Research Fellow Economics, Behaviour Information and Strategy, Game theory, Income Employment and Welfare
Picture of Øyvind Nicolay Wiborg Wiborg, Øyvind Nicolay Associate Professor +47 22858669
Picture of Karin Widerberg Widerberg, Karin Professor emerita Sociology
Picture of Ståle Wig Wig, Ståle Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22854486 +47-90523201 Development, Ethics, Economic anthropology, Money, Africa, Lesotho, Cuba
Picture of Tore Wig Wig, Tore Professor +47 22844998 90 52 27 29 Conflict, institutions, civil war, interstate conflict, political violence, mass protest, democratization, authoritarian regimes, institutional theory
Picture of Unni WIkan WIkan, Unni Professor emeritus - Department of Social Anthropology +47-22855729 identity, Gender, Integration, Human rights, Middle East, The Nordic countries, Indonesia
Picture of Ragnhild Dahl Wikstrøm Wikstrøm, Ragnhild Dahl 93467130 Human Geography
Picture of Yngve Willassen Willassen, Yngve Professor Emeritus +47-22844303 Economics
Picture of Astri Heen Wold Wold, Astri Heen Emeritus +47-22845166 Cultural and Community Psychology, Social Psychology, Emeritus
Picture of Max Anton Wosnitza Wosnitza, Max Anton Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22841655 Political Economy, Political Economics, Climate change, Resources Energy and Environment, State building, Governance, Public policy, risk
Picture of You Wu Wu, You
Picture of Trine Waaktaar Waaktaar, Trine Vice-Dean of studies +47-22845041 Clinical psychology
Picture of Geir Yggeseth Yggeseth, Geir Head Engineer +47 22856739 +47 93802480
Picture of Eivind Ystrøm Ystrøm, Eivind Professor +47 22856626 Health psychology, Personality psychology, genetics
Picture of Anders Zachrisson Zachrisson, Anders Emeritus +47-22845218 Emeritus, Clinical psychology
Picture of Anna  Zadrożna Zadrożna, Anna PhD Candidate Migration, Islam, Political Anthropology, ethnicity, Memories, Affect, Nationalism, Environmental Anthropology, Political ecology, Spiritualisme, Health, Indigenous knowledge
Picture of Deniz Zelihić Zelihić, Deniz PhD candidate +47 90216429 Appearance-research, intervention studies, Mixed methods, Quantitative methods, Rare Disorders, qualitative exploration
Picture of Merete Glenne Øie Øie, Merete Glenne Professor +47 22845184 +4740889007 Clinical psychology, Neuropsychology, Cognitive psychology, Developmental psychology
Picture of Guro Charlotte Teig Øiestad Øiestad, Guro Charlotte Teig Senior Lecturer +47 22845275 Clinical psychology
Øndes, Nesrin Adviser +47 22854464 Project controller
Ørke, Elisabeth Christie PhD candidate
Ørsnes, Ole Magnus Anthun Adviser +47 95920904 Budget, Project controller, Financial management