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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Valla, Joakim Head Engineer +47 22856061 +47 99501600 Local IT support, User support, IT services
Picture of Janna van Diepen van Diepen, Janna Research Assistant
Picture of Liv Christina Varen Varen, Liv Christina Adviser +47 22854311 Studieadministrasjon, ph.d.-administrasjon
Picture of Sylvi Anita Varsi Øien Varsi Øien, Sylvi Anita Adviser +47-22856907 Human resources administration
Picture of Olav Mandt Vassend Vassend, Olav Mandt Professor +47 22845197 Personality psychology, Health psychology, Behavioral Genetics
Picture of Karine Maria Porpino Viana Viana, Karine Maria Porpino Research Fellow +47-22845273 Developmental psychology
Picture of Didac Vidal Pineiro Vidal Pineiro, Didac Researcher +47 22845061 +47-22845089 (office) Cognitive neuroscience
Picture of Joachim Vigrestad Vigrestad, Joachim Research Assistant
Picture of Nicklas Poulsen Viki Viki, Nicklas Poulsen Senior Executive Officer +47 22845169 Study administration
Picture of Mikkel Vindegg Vindegg, Mikkel Senior Lecturer +47 22854488 95152486 Energy, Nepal, State, Labour, Infrastructure, Development, Climate and environment, Economic Anthropology, Consumption, Materiality, Globalisation
Picture of Jon Vislie Vislie, Jon Professor Emeritus +47-22855117 Economics, Economic Policy
Picture of Runa Torp Vivé Vivé, Runa Torp Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Eivor Vold Skjelbostad Vold Skjelbostad, Eivor Senior Executive Officer Seminars, Evaluation, Canvas
Picture of Margarete Erika Maria Torgersen Vollrath Vollrath, Margarete Erika Maria Torgersen +47 22845178 Personality psychology
Picture of Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr von der Fehr, Nils-Henrik M. Professor +47 90 99 75 82 Economics, Resources Energy and Environment, Industry Market and Competition, Economic Policy
Picture of Tilmann von Soest von Soest, Tilmann Professor +47-99782078 PROMENTA, Personality psychology
Picture of Karin Jakobson Vaagland Vaagland, Karin Jakobson PhD candidate international negotiations, EU, European integration, foreign policy, Development, Migration Crisis, refugees
Picture of Kristine Beate Walhovd Walhovd, Kristine Beate Head of LCBC Cognitive psychology, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology
Picture of Emilie Fuglerud Wallin Wallin, Emilie Fuglerud Higher Executive Officer +47 22854412
Picture of Yunpeng Wang Wang, Yunpeng Associate Professor Statistical Genetics, Complex traits, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology
Weisskircher, Manes
Picture of Lars Wenaas Wenaas, Lars PhD Candidate Open Access, Open Science, scientific publishing, Impact, Science policy
Picture of Terje Wessel Wessel, Terje Professor +47 22858331 Human Geography
Picture of Rene Westerhausen Westerhausen, Rene Professor +47 22845230 Cognitive neuroscience
Picture of Lars Tjelta Westlye Westlye, Lars Tjelta Head of Research +47-97163221 Cognitive neuroscience, Neuroscience, Psychiatry, Neuropsychology