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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Marcin Sliwa Sliwa, Marcin Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856735 +47 46378305 Human Geography, Urban Planning, Housing, Informality
Picture of Dinka Smajlagic Smajlagic, Dinka Postdoctoral Fellow Developmental psychology, genetics, epigenetics, Psychopathology
Picture of Jan Smedslund Smedslund, Jan Emeritus +47-22845272 +47-48253925 Clinical psychology and personality psychology, Emeritus
Picture of Markus Handal Sneve Sneve, Markus Handal Senior Engineer +47 22845216 +47 41218003 +47-41218003 Cognitive psychology, Neuropsychology, Neuroscience
Picture of Ole André Solbakken Solbakken, Ole André Head of Section - Clinical Psychology +47-22845180 Clinical psychology
Solhaug, Anne Kristine Nilsen PhD candidate
Solheim, Øyvind Bugge Postdoctoral Fellow +47 40228565 Right-wing extremism, Social media, Terrorism, Attitudes, Electoral systems
Picture of Euryph Line  Solheim Kvamme Solheim Kvamme, Euryph Line PhD candidate 92834378
Picture of Susanna Maria Solli Solli, Susanna Maria Senior Lecturer +47 22856103 +47 48035513
Picture of Anette Stamland Solvi Solvi, Anette Stamland Phd Candidate Clinical psychology, Developmental psychology
Picture of Jakoba Sraml Gonzalez Sraml Gonzalez, Jakoba Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841660 +47 94173379 Innovation, Organisational perspective, Industry transformations
Picture of Endre Stangeby Stangeby, Endre Senior Executive Officer +47 22858770 +47 415 43 840 Communication, Research Communication, Research support, Impact
Picture of Audrey Stark Stark, Audrey Senior Executive Officer +47 22844386 +47 41544918
Picture of Dordi Stavik Stavik, Dordi Higher Executive Officer +47 99398050
Picture of Anton Steen Steen, Anton Professor emeritus public policy, immigration policy, refugees, governance
Picture of Mette Kristin Stenberg Stenberg, Mette Kristin Executive Officer +47 22856526 +47 92442496 front desk, syllabus, letter of confirmation, procurements, work duty account
Picture of Malin Folgerø Stensland Stensland, Malin Folgerø Adviser +47 22854827 +47 48021627
Sterri, Erika Braanen PhD candidate
Picture of Bernt P. Stigum Stigum, Bernt P. Professor Emeritus 22855146 Econometrics, Economics
Picture of Kristian Stokke Stokke, Kristian Professor +47 22855242 +47 97014168 +47-97014168 Human Geography
Picture of Olav Schram Stokke Stokke, Olav Schram Professor +47 22845964 +47 99609048 International Politics, International relations, International cooperation, International Political Economy, International institutions, International environmental governance, Nordic
Picture of Kjetil Storesletten Storesletten, Kjetil Professor +47 22844009 +47 41295405 Economics, Money Credit and Finance, Growth and Development, Income Employment and Welfare, Economic Policy, China
Picture of Halvor Hyttel Storrusten Storrusten, Halvor Hyttel PhD candidate Globalization, Personhood, Disability
Picture of Håvard Strand Strand, Håvard Associate Professor +47 22855198 +47 99628371 Democracy, development studies, Global South, Elections, Comparative Politics, USA
Strand, Ingrid Rønning Higher Executive Officer +47 22845120 +47 93283701