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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Inger-Lise Schwab Schwab, Inger-Lise Head of Office +47 22855255 +47 41234571 +4741234571
Picture of Anke Stefanie Schwarzkopf Schwarzkopf, Anke Stefanie European integration, Common Foreign and Security Policy, United Nations, European Union, International relations, multilateral negotiations
Picture of Tore  Schweder Schweder, Tore Professor Emeritus +47-22844303 Economics, Econometrics
Picture of Iris Beau Segers Segers, Iris Beau Researcher Political communication, Social Movements, right-wing politics, Migration, Gender
Picture of Katarzyna Zuzanna  Segiet Segiet, Katarzyna Zuzanna PhD candidate 46579233
Picture of Beate Seibt Seibt, Beate Head of Section - Method, Work, Cultural and Social Psychology +47-22845147 Social Psychology, Affective Science
Picture of Atle  Seiserstad Seiserstad, Atle Professor Emeritus +47-22857914 Economics
Selvig, Siri Steen Adviser +47 22854418
Picture of Anne Julie Semb Semb, Anne Julie Dean +47 22856125 +47 95052318 International Politics, Political theory, Comparative politics, Conflict, State sovereignty, Minorities, Human rights, Citizenship
Picture of Ingrid Mikkelsen Semb Semb, Ingrid Mikkelsen Doctoral Research Fellow Economics, Econometrics, Income Employment and Welfare, Economic Policy
Serhan, Alan Head Engineer +47 22845015 +47 90529810
Picture of Ankita Shrestha Shrestha, Ankita Stipendiat +47 22858612
Picture of Elizabeth Sibilia Sibilia, Elizabeth Postdoctoral Fellow Maritime Anthropology, toxic waste, Geography, Uneven development, Labour
Picture of Henrik Sigstad Sigstad, Henrik Assistant Professor Economics, Political Economics
Picture of Erlend Osland Simensen Simensen, Erlend Osland Researcher Innovation, Renewable energy
Picture of Henrik Sinding-Larsen Sinding-Larsen, Henrik Researcher +47-22180199 Globalisation, Norway, Theory of science, Environment, Cultural concepts
Picture of Helene Sjursen Sjursen, Helene Research Professor +47 22 85 88 33 Common Foreign and Security Policy, International relations, Democracy, Enlargement, European integration, Institutions, European Union
Picture of Cecilie Sol Skaftnes Skaftnes, Cecilie Sol Stipendiat +4791613011 Cognitive psychology, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology
Picture of Regina Sofia Skar-Fröding Skar-Fröding, Regina Sofia PhD candidate
Picture of Torbjørn Skardhamar Skardhamar, Torbjørn Professor +47 22855020
Picture of Sigurd Skirbekk Skirbekk, Sigurd Professor emeritus Sociology
Skjuve, Marita Bjaaland PhD candidate
Picture of Tora Skodvin Skodvin, Tora Professor +47 22855166
Picture of Eva Elisabeth Aspaas Skoe Skoe, Eva Elisabeth Aspaas Professor Emeritus +47 93 00 30 88 Emeritus, Developmental psychology
Picture of Kari-Elisabeth Vambeseth Skogen Skogen, Kari-Elisabeth Vambeseth PhD Candidate Innovation