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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Lise Rødland Rødland, Lise Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Asbjørn Rødseth Rødseth, Asbjørn +47 22855133 +47 91525892 Money Credit and Finance, Economics, Income Employment and Welfare
Picture of Per Gunnar Røe Røe, Per Gunnar Professor +47 22855217 +4791716365 Human Geography
Picture of Michael Helge Rønnestad Rønnestad, Michael Helge +47 22845234 Emeritus, Clinical psychology
Picture of Espen  Røysamb Røysamb , Espen Professor +47-22845128 espen.roysamb (at) Personality psychology, wellbeing, genetics
Picture of Marit Råbu Råbu, Marit Professor +47 22845125 Clinical psychology
Picture of Trust Saidi Saidi, Trust Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841639 +4722841639
Saie Nasab, Nazaneen Higher Executive Officer +47 22841625 BA programme in public administration, Exam appeals, Lesson planning, TP, Guest researchers, confirmations, Student councelling
Picture of Cecilia Guadalupe Salinas Salinas, Cecilia Guadalupe Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22856104 Politics, Diversity, Indigenous peoples, Resource management, Climate change, Latin America, Uruguay and Argentina
Picture of Johanne Døhlie Saltnes Saltnes, Johanne Døhlie Postdoctoral Fellow (on leave) +47 22 85 88 24 Common Foreign and Security Policy, European integration, Institutions, European Union
Picture of Linn Berg Salvesen Salvesen, Linn Berg Senior Executive Officer +47 22845391
Picture of Aud Jorunn Sandal Sandal, Aud Jorunn Senior Adviser +47 22858224 Human resources administration
Picture of John Aron Sandell Sandell, John Aron Smart City, Urban politics, Knowledge, ICTs, London, Human Geography
Picture of Marie  Sandnes Sandnes, Marie PhD candidate
Sartorius, Alina Marie Doctoral Research Fellow +49 151 67805647 Cognitive neuroscience, Psychiatry
Picture of Sverke Runde Saxegaard Saxegaard, Sverke Runde Doctoral Research Fellow 004740172207
Picture of Sidsel Louise Schaller Schaller, Sidsel Louise Health psychology
Picture of Anne-Kristine Schanke Schanke, Anne-Kristine Professor II +47 66969000 +47 95781261 Cognitive psychology, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Health psychology
Picture of Jonas Schmid Schmid, Jonas Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Stephanie Schmölzer Schmölzer, Stephanie Adviser +47 22850038 +47 47215795
Picture of Arnd Schneider Schneider, Arnd Professor +47 22857625 Anthropology of art, Material culture, Migration, Visual Anthropology, Latin America, Sicily
Picture of Elisabeth Schober Schober, Elisabeth Associate Professor +47 22855396 Economic anthropology, Labour, Gender, Asia, South Korea, Philippines
Picture of Ragnhild Camilla Schreiner Schreiner, Ragnhild Camilla Assistant Professor
Picture of Thomas Wolfgang Schubert Schubert, Thomas Wolfgang Professor +4746299581 +47-46299581 Social Psychology
Picture of Amalie Fjellestad Schumann Schumann, Amalie Fjellestad Executive Officer