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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Erling W. Rognli Rognli, Erling W. Research Fellow +47-22845191 +47-64852097 (Follo BUP) Clinical psychology
Rognstad, Kristian PhD candidate
Picture of Marte Kløvrud Rognstad Rognstad, Marte Kløvrud Senior Executive Officer +47 22856221
Picture of Frauke Rohden Rohden, Frauke Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Cilje Sunde Rolfsjord Rolfsjord, Cilje Sunde PhD candidate
Picture of Lawrence E Rose Rose, Lawrence E Professor Emeritus
Picture of Guri Rosén Rosén, Guri Researcher +47 22858712 +47-98065174 Common Foreign and Security Policy, Democracy, European Parliament, European integration, Institutions, European Union
Picture of Milda Nordbø Rosenberg Rosenberg, Milda Nordbø Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854165 97947785 Climate Change, Climate Adaptation, Development, Global Value Chains, Coffee, Africa, Burundi, Human Geography
Picture of Gudrun Rudningen Rudningen , Gudrun PhD candidate 90889793
Picture of Bjørn Rishovd Rund Rund, Bjørn Rishovd Professor +47 22845247 +47-95778094 Clinical psychology and personality psychology
Picture of Nina Rundgren Rundgren, Nina Head of Office +47 22856527 +47 40202799
Picture of Helge Ryggvik Ryggvik, Helge Researcher +47 22841629 Economic history, Energy policy, Environment Health and Safety, Brazil
Picture of Trine Waage Rygvold Rygvold, Trine Waage Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22845056 Clinical neuropsychology, Cognitive neuroscience
Picture of Oleksandr  Ryndyk Ryndyk, Oleksandr PhD candidate
Picture of Frida Gullestad Rø Rø, Frida Gullestad Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22845280 Clinical psychology
Picture of Lise Rødland Rødland, Lise Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Asbjørn Rødseth Rødseth, Asbjørn +47 22855133 +47 91525892 Money Credit and Finance, Income Employment and Welfare, Economics
Picture of Per Gunnar Røe Røe, Per Gunnar Professor +47 22855217 +4791716365 Human Geography
Picture of Michael Helge Rønnestad Rønnestad, Michael Helge +47 22845234 Emeritus, Clinical psychology
Picture of Espen  Røysamb Røysamb , Espen Professor +47-22845128 espen.roysamb (at) Personality psychology, wellbeing, genetics
Picture of Marit Råbu Råbu, Marit Associate Professor +47 22845125 Clinical psychology
Picture of Trust Saidi Saidi, Trust Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841639 +4722841639
Picture of Johanne Døhlie Saltnes Saltnes, Johanne Døhlie Postdoctoral Fellow (on leave) +47 22 85 88 24 Common Foreign and Security Policy, European integration, Institutions, European Union
Picture of Linn Berg Salvesen Salvesen, Linn Berg Senior Executive Officer +47 22845391
Picture of Aud-Jorunn Sandal Sandal, Aud-Jorunn Senior Adviser +47 22858224 Human resources administration