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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Marit Melhuus Melhuus, Marit +47 22856543 Kinship, Biotechnology, Social change, Morality, Latin America, The Nordic countries, Economic anthropology, Legal anthropology
Picture of Annika Maria Désirée Melinder Melinder, Annika Maria Désirée Professor +47 22845148 Developmental psychology
Picture of Joris Melman Melman, Joris Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858868 joris.melman Legitimacy, European Union, Philosophy, Crisis, Financial crisis
Picture of Marit Melnæs Coldevin Melnæs Coldevin, Marit PhD candidate
Picture of Agustín José Menéndez Menéndez, Agustín José Affiliated researcher + 47 22 85 87 00 Legitimacy, Democracy, Constitutionalism, European integration, Institutions, European Union
Picture of Tyra Merker Merker, Tyra Stipendiat Industry Market and Competition, Economics, Behaviour Information and Strategy
Picture of Mari Sælid Messel Messel, Mari Sælid PhD candidate Cognitive neuroscience
Picture of Julie Sascia Mewes Mewes, Julie Sascia Guest researcher
Picture of Asimina Michailidou Michailidou, Asimina Senior Researcher +47 22 85 87 06 European public sphere, Media, Internet, European integration, Institutions, European Union
Picture of Knut Olav Midgaard Midgaard, Knut Olav Professor Emeritus
Picture of Arnfinn Haagensen Midtbøen Midtbøen, Arnfinn Haagensen Førsteamanuensis +47 22854207 +47 920 82 553 Sociology, Migration, Integration, Citizenship, Social inequality, Labour market, Public sphere
Picture of Jarle Mikkelsen Mikkelsen, Jarle +47 22854621
Picture of Signe Mikkelsen Mikkelsen, Signe Stipendiat +47 45782809 medical anthropology, africa, toxicology, interdisciplinary research, environmental health, cancer, epidemiology, history, public health
Picture of Svein Harald Milde Milde, Svein Harald Senior Adviser +47 22845103 +47-91777591 Web, Information, Communication
Picture of Kristina Miljeteig Miljeteig, Kristina Stipendiat +47 22845273 Research Methods, Developmental psychology, Neuroscience
Picture of Manjana Milkoreit Milkoreit, Manjana Postdoctoral Fellow Global Environmental Governance, Climate Politics, Sustainability Transformations, Agency, Futures, Social Tipping Points
Picture of Lars Mjøset Mjøset, Lars Professor +47 22856749 Sociology
Picture of Bjørn Eilif  Mobech-Hanssen Mobech-Hanssen, Bjørn Eilif PhD candidate
Picture of Vibeke Moe Moe, Vibeke Head of Education +47 22845225 Clinical psychology
Picture of Natalia Moen-Larsen Moen-Larsen, Natalia Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855505
Picture of Karl Ove  Moene Moene, Karl Ove Professor Emeritus +47 22855130 Income Employment and Welfare, International Economy, Resources Energy and Environment, Growth and Development, Economic Policy, Economics
Picture of Lasse Moer Moer, Lasse chief engineer +4722858222 +4790517201
Picture of Martin Moland Moland, Martin Doctoral Research Fellow Public opinion, Differentiated Integration, European Union
Picture of Jon Trygve Monsen Monsen, Jon Trygve +47 22845196 +4791868385 +47 91868385 Clinical psychology
Morbech, Maria PhD candidate