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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Michal Kozák Kozák, Michal Postdoctoral Fellow Sociology, Statistics, Methods
Picture of Lilian Juliane Kozlowski Mayerhofer Kozlowski Mayerhofer, Lilian Juliane Doctoral Research Fellow +47 94081966 Wellbeing, Resilience, genetics
Picture of Hanne Kraft Kraft, Hanne Adviser
Picture of Pål Kraft Kraft, Pål Professor +47 22845183 +47 41649258 Social Psychology
Picture of Kasper Kragh-Sørensen Kragh-Sørensen, Kasper Assistant Professor +47 22858825 Macroeconomics, Economics, Taxation, Money Credit and Finance, Income Employment and Welfare
Krause, Inga-Britt Researcher
Picture of Jana Krause Krause, Jana Professor Comparative Politics, International relations, Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Gender
Picture of Anne-Kathrin Kreft Kreft, Anne-Kathrin Postdoctoral Fellow Conflict, Violence, Gender, Civil society
Picture of Eva Krick Krick, Eva Affiliated researcher Democracy, Legitimacy, Expertise, European Union, Comparative Politics, Institutions, Political Theory, Interest Groups, Participation, Representation
Picture of Axel Peter Kristensen Kristensen, Axel Peter Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854123
Picture of Henning  Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Henning Ph.d.-kandidat Economic anthropology, Political Economy, Globalisation, Social organisation, Social change, State, Gifts/commodities, reciprocity
Picture of Anne Krogstad Krogstad, Anne Professor +47 22844394 Sociology
Picture of Christian Krohn-Hansen Krohn-Hansen, Christian Professor +47 22855716 power, nation and state, economic anthropology, globalisation, Carribean studies, The Dominican Republic
Picture of Staffan Kumlin Kumlin, Staffan Professor +47 22841113
Picture of Nathaniël Kunkeler Kunkeler, Nathaniël Postdoctoral fellow
Picture of Jonas R. Kunst Kunst, Jonas R. Professor +47 22845069 Social Psychology, Cultural and Community Psychology
Picture of Jonathan William Kuyper Kuyper, Jonathan William Associate Professor Democracy, Political theory, International relations
Picture of Anastasija Kuznecova Kuznecova, Anastasija Higher Executive Officer +47 22854494
Picture of Ingela Lundin Kvalem Kvalem, Ingela Lundin Professor +47 22845179 Health psychology, Social Psychology
Picture of Sara Fanny Maria Kvamme-Vik Kvamme-Vik, Sara Fanny Maria Higher Executive Officer +47 22855160
Picture of Joar Kvamsås Kvamsås, Joar Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Hilde Spjelkavik Kveseth Kveseth, Hilde Spjelkavik Adviser +47 22854803 +47 99275009 +47-99275009 EU, Norwegian Research Council, research administration, funding
Picture of Jarle Kvile Kvile, Jarle Senior Lecturer Economics, Statistics, Income Employment and Welfare
Picture of Geir Kværk Kværk, Geir Senior Advisor +47 22 85 88 60 +47 99 51 37 91 Project management, International cooperation, External funding, EU, Research management, Research support
Picture of Leif Erlend Holmen Kårtvedt Kårtvedt, Leif Erlend Holmen Doctoral Research Fellow Public Policy and Administration, Local Government, Administrative reform, organization theory