Support for Teaching


  • Advice in developing and realizing ideas
  • Support for applications for external funds for financing educational projects
  • seed funding for your development projects
  • EILIN collaborates with LINK on larger projects
  • EILIN manages SV faculty's LINK resources

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Educational development at UiO is based on the SoTL principles:


  • Student learning in focus
  • Reflection over one's own praxis and development over time
  • A research-based approach
  • Sharing of knowledge in a collegial environment

Seed funding

EILIN announces funding for pedagogical development work and developing quality in courses at SV faculty

Video and podcast in teaching

EILIN builds proficiency in incorporating video and podcasting in teaching - both in terms of pedagogy and technique. We provide assistance before, during and post production. We collaborate with LINK and USIT on larger video projects

EILIN's support for student assistants

EILIN provides training and support for Student assistants