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Information on the corona virus for students at The Faculty of Social Sciences

Last update May 18th.

Contact and updated information

Please contact SV-info about all your concerns.

Where do I find information?

Exchange students/students abroad

Digital solutions for students

Exams and teaching

  • All teaching is replaced by digital solutions throughout the spring semester 2020

  • All exams in Silurveien are cancelled spring 2020. We are working to put alternative forms of assessment for exams in place that can replace physical attendance in Silurveien.

Compulsory attendance

  • No compulsory attendance in seminars for our courses spring 2020.
  • Other compulsory activities like assignments are still taking place. If so, information will be announced in Canvas.

Special needs

This may be relevant for those who are ill, have extensive care tasks, are in isolation or have other weighty reasons for facilitation.

Buildings and study halls are opening partially

  • Our buildings are opening for both students and employees. You have to reserve a seat at our reading rooms in Eilert Sundts hus. Master programme reading rooms are closed. The Faculty will give notice when the Master programme reading rooms re-open.
  • You can print documents in the reading room on the first floor in Eilert Sundts hus
  • Before returning to UiO, you must take an e-learning course in infection prevention.
  • If you need to pick up books or other belongings from lockers or study halls, you will need to contact UiOs Security Operation Center.