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Information on the corona virus at The Faculty of Social Sciences

Last update March 30th

Contact and updated information

Please contact SV-info about all your concerns.

Where do I find information?

  • Information about changes in your courses will be given in the Canvas room for said course.
  • This page will also be updated regularly, as will UiOs information pages about the corona virus.

Digital solutions for students

Buildings and study halls are closed

  • Our buildings are closed for both students and employees.
  • If you need to pick up books or other belongings from lockers or study halls, you will need to contact UiOs Security Operation Center.

Exchange students/students abroad

Courses with compulsory attendance

Compulsory attendance

  • Since there are no lectures and seminars on campus, there will be no compulsory attendance for our courses right now. This is valid from March 12th 2020.
  • Other compulsory activities like assignments are still taking place. If so, information will be annonunced in Canvas.

Procedures for valid absence from compulsory attendance


  • All exams in Silurveien are cancelled spring 2020. We are working to put alternative forms of assessment for exams in place that can replace physical attendance in Silurveien.
  • In all courses at The Faculty of Social Sciences - information about the changes in examniation will be published in Canvas when it is clearified.

Valid absence / postponed examination

Library services and syllabus

  • Akademika is still open. 
  • The University of Oslo Libraries are closed as a measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. They can assist you digitally even though the university has closed the premises.



Reduced study progression