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The Faculty Board

The Faculty of Social Sciences is lead by the Faculty Board. The Faculty Board is responsible for setting the overall goals, strategies and priorities for the Faculty's work.

The Faculty Board has 11 members which are elected for a term of four years. The exceptions are the two student representatives which are chosen for one year at a time. Two of the Board members are not employed by the university. The Faculty Board is lead by the Dean and the Faculty Director is the Board's secretary.

The period: 01.01.2016 - 31.12.2019


Name Title
Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr Dean
Ingjerd Hoëm Vice-Dean


 Permanent and temporary academic staff:

Name Title Deputy Member
Grete Brochmann Professor 1. Inger Skjelsbæk
Bjørn Høyland Professor 2. Rune Flikke
Samira Aminihajibashi PhD Candidate

1. Magne Flemmen

2. Martine Greek


 Technical/Administrative staff:

Name: Title: Deputy Member
Cecilie W. Lilleheil (on leave august 2017 - august 2018) Adviser

1. Caroline Hals

2. Geir Ove Kværk



Name: Title: Email: Deputy Member

Othea Vikse


Randi Birgitte Skjerstad    

Truls Olaussen Sætrang


Daniel Mareno Gabrielsen

Tobias Langås Handeland Student

Sejla Pehlivanovic   


External members (outside UiO):

Name: Title:   Deputy Member

Tor Saglie

Departmental director  

1. Executive officer Per Magnus Mæhle

Ellinor Major
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