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The Faculty Board

The Faculty of Social Sciences is lead by the Faculty Board. The Faculty Board is responsible for setting the overall goals, strategies and priorities for the Faculty's work.

The Faculty Board has 11 members which are elected for a term of four years. The exceptions are the two student representatives which are chosen for one year at a time. Two of the Board members are not employed by the university. The Faculty Board is lead by the Dean and the Faculty Director is the Board's secretary.

The period: 01.01.2020 - 31.12.2023


Name Title
Anne Julie Semb Dean
Tore Nilssen Vice-Dean


 Permanent and temporary academic staff:

Name Title Deputy Member
Knut Inge Fostervold Associate Professor 1. Jon Hovi
Helene Sjursen Research Professor 2. Lars Erik Kjekshus
Camilla Houeland Postdoctoral Fellow

1. Signe Mikkelsen

2. Liridona Gashi


 Technical/Administrative staff:

Name: Title: Deputy Member
Caroline Hals Senior Executive Officer

1. Marit Eldholm

2. Lasse Moer



Name: Title: Email: Deputy Member

Lars Oskar Slatlem Vik


Sjur Stølen,

Matias Robbestad Vangen


Sol Boberg Brattbakken,

Synne Abrahamsen Student

Atle Bekken,


External members (outside UiO):

Name: Title:   Deputy Member

Tor Saglie

Departmental director  

1. Executive officer Per Magnus Mæhle

Ellinor Major
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