Introduction to university pedagogy for PhD candidates

Many PhD candidates have little or no experience with teaching at university level. As an introduction to teaching and learning in higher education, EILIN, in collaboration with LINK, will offer an introductory course in university pedagogy.

Learning outcomes

The course aims to increase your awareness of how teaching approaches influence the development of student learning. It provides ideas for you to develop your teaching practice and offers you research-based knowledge on teaching and learning. Because teaching is solitary or not something anyone learns in a day, we will introduce you to it as a process of reflection with your peers that helps you develop your practice over time.



The course is arranged as one 6 hour session and one 2 hour follow-up session later in the semester. We facilitate interaction in Teams before, between and after the sessions. peer guidance

The course will be generic and adapted to participants from all units at the SV faculty. We will therefor not be able to cover subject-specific issues, nor administrative questions.

Participation is voluntary. You will receive a course certificate. The course does not grant ECTS.

Target group

This course is aimed at PhD candidates and who have little or no teaching experience. The course is available for all PhD candidates admitted to the PhD programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences.


Molly Sutphen (LINK) and Siri Aamodt (EILIN).

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