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Academic interests

Public Economics (especially Tax Competition), Labor Unions, Inequality and Social Mobility

Courses taught


08/2016 - 06/2017: Associate Professor, Oslo Fiscal Studies, Department of Economics, University of Oslo

05/2011 - present: Assistant Professor, University of Münster, Germany

10/2014 - 03/2015: Research Visit, Norwegian Center for Taxation, Bergen

01/2010 - 04/2010: Postdoc, Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg, Germany

2010: Ph.D. in Economics, Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg, Germany

2006: Diploma (M.Sc. equivalent) in Business Mathematics, University of Hamburg, Germany

Working Papers

"Bidding for firms with unknown characteristics“, CESifo Arbeitspapier Nr. 4806 (with Johannes Becker); current version May 2016.

"Two-sided Investment in Unionized Labor Markets" (with Markos Jung and Jörg Lingens).


"Taxation of firms with unknown mobility" (with Johannes Becker), Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2017, accepted.

"Corporate taxation of heterogeneous firms and the welfare effects of labour unions", World Economy, 2016, forthcoming.

"Monetary policy and central bank independence under endogneous conservatism" (with Michael Berlemann), Journal of Economic Research 19(2), 2014, 125-136.

"The linkage between fertility and labor productivity: A European persepctive" (with Mathias Laich), Eastern Economic Journal 40(3), 2014, 405-419..

"The interaction of publications and appointments: new evidence on academic economists in Germany" (with Klaus Beckamnn), Education Economics 21(4), 415-430.

"Fairness and its price" (with Klaus W. Zimmermann), Review of Social Economy 70(2), 2012, 181-199.

"Minimizing the losers: regime satisfaction in multi-level systems" (with Katharina Holzinger and Klaus W. Zimmermann), Constitutional Political Economy 22(4), 2011, 303-324.

"Redistributive taxation vs. education subsidies: fostering equality and social mobility in an intergenerational model", Economics of Education Review 29(4), 2010, 597-605.

"Consumption behavior and the aspiration for conformity and consistency" (with Markus Göbel and Tobias Thomas), Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics 3(2), 2010, 83-94.

"Intergenerational talent transmission, inequality, and social mobility" (with Stefan Napel), Economics Letters 99(2), 2008, 405-409.


2012: Cairncross Prize of the Scottish Economic Society 


Emneord: Economics, Economic Policy
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