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Erik Biørn

Unipub 2008, ISBN 978-7477-359-2

Erik Biørn

Published by Unipub, 3. ed., ISBN 978-82-7477-399-8

Erik Biørn, Jayalakshmi Krishnakumar

in Lászlo Mátyás and Patrick Sevestre (eds.): The Econometrics of Panel Data. Fundamentals and Recent Developments in Theory and Practice, Springer, Third Edition 2008, 323 - 367

Olav Bjerkholt

i Ofstad, B., O.Bjerkholt, K, Skrede and Aa. Hylland: Rettferd og politikk. Festskrift til Hilde Bojer, Oslo: Emilia, 2009, 275-290.  

Olav Bjerkholt

Published in Economic Models: Methods, Theory and Applications, 2009, ISBN 978-981-283-645-8, 1-20  

Olav Bjerkholt and A. Dupont

The Poincaré Lectures of Ragnar Frisch, 1933, Routledge, London & New York, 2009

Hilde Bojer

Vedlegg 4 til Fordelingsutvalget, NOU 2009:10, 352-361 


Hilde Bojer

Vedlegg 1 til Fordelingsutvalget, NOU 2009:10, 301-306


Hilde Bojer

Published in Pell, Jan and Irene van Staveren (Eds) Handbook of Economics and Ethics, Edward Elgar, 2009, 426-432

S-E Mamelund

International Encyclopedia of Public Health, Volume 3, 2008, 597-609

Hilde Bojer  

Gianni Betti and Achille Lemmi (eds.): Advances on Income Inequality and Concentration Measures, Routledge, 2008, 243 - 256

Steinar Strøm and Jon Vislie

Universitetsforlaget, 2008, ISBN 978-82-15-01357-2, 314 s  

Here you will find published academic works from 1999 and earlier. These lists have not been sorted, and therefore contain articles as well as book chapters.