Interaction between model builders and policy makers in the Norwegian tradition 
By Olav Bjerkholt
Empirical Models and Policy-Making: Interaction and Institutions, Chapter 10, 146-165 (2000)


Nøytralitet i petroleumsskattleggingen
by Diderik Lund 
Norges offentlige utredninger 2000:18 (2000)


Joint labour supply of married couples: efficiency and distribution effects of tax and labour market reforms.
by Rolf Aaberge, Ugo Colombino, Steinar Strøm and Tom Wennemo. 
Reprinted from L. Mitton, H. Sutherland and M. Weeks (eds.): Microsimulation Modelling for Policy Analysis. Challenges and innovations. (2000) 269-291.



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