Fordelingsvirkninger av pensjonsreformen

Stian Nicolajsen and Nils Martin Stølen

Photo: Universitetsforlaget

Published in:

Søkelys på arbeidslivet , volume 33, issue 1/2, pp. 24-44, 2016.

DOI: 10.18261/issn.1504-7989-2016-01-02-02

Abstract - Distributional effects of pension reform (English title)

The main aim of the Norwegian pension reform of 2011 is to reduce future growth in old age pension expenditures, while maintaining the distributional characteristics of the system. The distributional effects of the reform are analysed using Statistics Norway’s dynamic microsimulation model MOSART, the results depend on how the distributional effects are calculated. For cohorts entirely embraced by the new system, total old age benefits over the life cycle will be more evenly distributed. For a cohort in a single year, or for a cross-section of the population, old age pension benefits will be more unevenly distributed after the reform.






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