Sammenhengen mellom ferdigheter fra ungdomsskolen og ferdigheter i PIAAC-undersøkelsen

Erling Barth, Pål Schøne and Kristine von Simon.

Photo: Idunn, Universitetsforlaget.

Photo: Idunn, Universitetsforlaget.

Published in:

Søkelys på arbeidslivet, Volume 33, pp. 349-359, 2016.

Doi: 10.18261/issn.1504-7989-2016-04-04

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English title: The relationship between skills from compulsory school and skills in early adulthood.


We have found a strong positive relationship between the skills of pupils at the end of compulsory school and results in the PIAAC survey, but that events arising later in the educational system are important in the 16–24 year age group. We have also found that skills from compulsory school are more likely to be the explanation behind NEET (“Not in employment, education or training») than are skills acquired after compulsory school. This may be due to the fact that grades from compulsory school are important in later admission to the educational sector.

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