In Memorian: Trygve Haavelmo, 1911-1999 
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social inequalities in cancer survival 
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A Search for Aggregate-Level Effects of Education on Fertility, Using Data from Zimbabwe 
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by Michael Hoel 
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Early Retirement and Economic Incentives 
by Erik Hernæs, Marte Sollie and Steinar Strøm 
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Labor supply responses and welfare effects from replacing current tax rules by a flat tax: Empirical evidence from Italy, Norway and Sweden. 
by Rolf Aaberge, Ugo Colombino and Steinar Strøm 
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Direct and indirect effects of minke whale abundance on cod and herring fisheries: A scenario experiment for the Greater Barents Sea 
by Tore Schweder, Gro S. Hagen and Einar Hatlebakk 
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Distortion of Uncertainty in Science: Antarctic Fin Whales in the 1950s 
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Children and Theories of Social Justice
by Hilde Bojer
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by Hilde Christiane Bj�rnland
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by Hilde Christiane Bj�rnland
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by Yngve Willassen
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Green national accounting: why and how?
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Wage bargaining and turnover costs with heterogeneous labor and asymmetric information
by Jon Strand
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