Reprints 1998

ISSN 0801-151

No. 9 by Rolf Aaberge, Ugo Colombino, Steinar Strøm and Tom Wennemo.
Evaluating Alternative Tax Reforms in Italy with a Model of Joint Labor Supply of Married Couples
Reprint from StructuralChange and Economic Dynamics, Vo. 9 (1998), 415-433
ISBN 82-570-8991-5
No. 530 by Christopher J. Ellis and Steinar Holden:
Optimal Contract Length in a Reputational Model of Monetary Policy.
Reprinted from "European Economic Review" 41, 1997. 227-243.
ISBN 82-570-8991-5
No 531 by Frederik Wulfsberg:
An Application of Wage Bargaining Models to Norwegian Panel Data.
Reprinted from "Oxford Economic Papers" 49, 1997. 419-440. Permission is given by "Oxford University Press", December 1997.
ISBN 82-570-8992-3
No 532 by Derek J. Clark and Christian Riis:
Contest Success Functions: An Extension.
Reprinted from "Economic Theory" 11, 1998. 201-204.
ISBN 82-570-8993-1
No 533 by Michael Hoel:
Coordination of Environmental policy for Transboundary Environmental Problems?
Reprinted from Journal of Public Economics 66, 1997. 199-224.
ISBN 82-570-8995-8
No 534 by Hans Haller and Steinar Holden:
Ratification Requirement and Bargaining Power.
Reprinted from "International Economic Review". Vol.38, No 4, November 1997. 825-851.
ISBN 82-570-8996-6
No 535 by Jon Strand:
Developing-Country Resource Extraction with Asymmetric Information and Sovereign Debt: A Theoretical Analysis.
Reprinted from "Environment and Development Economics" 2, 1997. 265-289.
ISBN 82-570-8997-4
No 536 by Arvid Raknerud and Håvard Hegre:
The Hazard of War: Reassessing the Evidence for the Democratic Peace
Reprinted from "Journal of Peace Research", vol. 34, No. 4, November 1997. 385-404.
ISBN 82-570-8998-2
No 537 by Erik Biørn, Rolf Golombek and Arvid Raknerud:
Regulations and Plant Exit. A Logit Analysis Based on Establishment Panel Data.
Reprinted from "Environmental and Resource Economics" 11, 1998. 35-59.
ISBN 82-570-8999-0
No 538 by Knut Røed:
Hysteresis in Unemployment.
Reprinted from "Journal of Economic Surveys". vol. 11, no 4, December 1997. 389-418. Permission is given by Journals Rights & Permissions, Blackwell Publishers, 2. March 1998.
ISBN 82-570 9330-0
No 539 by Karl Ove Moene and Michael Wallerstein:
Full Employment as a Worker-Discipline.
Reprinted from the book "Property Relations, Incentives and Welfare". 69-89. Permission is given by Macmillan Press Ltd, April 1998.
ISBN 82-570-9331-9
No 540 by Pål Longva and Steinar Strøm:
Wage Differentials and Gender in Norway.
Reprinted from the book "Women's Work and Wages". 173-189. Permission is given by Routledge publishers 1998.
ISBN 82-570-9332-7
No 541 by Michael Hoel:
CO2 and the Greenhouse Effect. A Game-Theoretic Exploration.
Reprinted from the book "The Environment and Emerging Development Issues" vol 2. Reproduced by permission of Oxford University Press. 339-370.
ISBN 82-570-9333-5
No 542 by Michael Hoel:
International Coordination of Environmental Taxes.
Reprinted from the book "New directions in the economic theory of the environment". Permission is granted by Cambridge University Press. 105-146.
ISBN 82-570-9334-3
No 543 by Yngve Willassen:
The Stochastic Rotation Problem: A Generalization of Faustmann's Formula to Stochastic Forest Growth.
Reprinted from "Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control" 22, 1998. 573-596.
ISBN 82-570-9335-1
No 544 by Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr and Kristin Stevik:
Persuasive Advertising and Product Differentiation. Reprinted from "Southern Economic Journal" 65 (1), 1998. (113-126). Permission is granted by J. Hamilton (ed.) August 1998.
ISBN 82-570-9337-8
No 545 by Finn R. Førsund and Sverre A.C. Kittelsen:
Productivity Development of Norwegian Electricity Distribution Utilities. Reprinted from "Resource and Energy Economics" 20, 1998. 207-224.
ISBN 82-570-9338-6
No 546 by Halvor Mehlum:
Why Gradualism? Reprinted from "The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development" 7:3, 1998. 279-297. Permission is given by Routledge, Sally-Ann Sweet - Permission Department, November 8, 1998.
ISBN 82-570-9339-4
No 547 by Tore Ellingsen and Steinar Holden:
Sticky Consumption and Rigid Wages. Reprinted from the book "Market Behaviour and Macroeconomic Modelling" edited by Steven Brakman, Hans van Ees and Simon K. Kuipers. 183-200. Permission is given by Macmillan Press Ltd, Jill Swainson c/o T M Farmiloe 11 Novembere, 1998.
ISBN 82-570-9340-8
No 548 Jon Strand:
Pollution Taxation and Revenue Recycling under Monopoly Unions. Reprinted from "Scand. Journal of Economics" 100 (4), 1998. 765-780. Permission is granted by Blackwell Publishers 1-10-98.
ISBN 82-570-9341-6
No 549 by Knut Røed:
Egalitarian Wage Policies and Long-Term Unemployment. Reprinted from "Scand. Journal of Economics" 100(3), 1998. 611-625. Permission is granted by Journals Rights & Permissions, Blackwell Publishers 24-8-1998.
ISBN 82-570-9342-4
  On the effect on cod and herring fisheries of retuning the Revised Management Procedure for minke whaling in the greater Barents Sea
by Tore Schweder, Gro S. Hagen and Einar Hatlebakk
Reprinted from "Fisheries Research" 37 (1998) 77-95
  Fisherian or Bayesian methods of integrating diverse statistical information?
by Tore Schweder
Reprinted from "Fisheries Research" 37 (1998) 61-75
  Fisheries management under uncertainty - an overview
by Ola Flaaten, Anne Gro Vea Salvanes, Tore Schweder and Øyvind Ulltang
Reprinted from "Fisheries Research" 37 (1998) 1-6
  Finn R. F�rsund and Eric N�vdal:
Efficiency Gains Under Exchange-Rate Emission Trading .
"Environmental and Resource Economics" 12: 403-423, 1998.
  R. Aaberge, U. Colombino, S. Str�m and T. Wennemo:
Evaluating alternative tax reforms in Italy with a model of joint labor supply of married couples.
"Structural Change and Economic Dynamics" 9, 1998. 415-433.
  Atle Seierstad:
Fields of Extremals and Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems.
"Optimal Control Applications & Methods", 19, 377-392, 1998.
  Cees Withagen and Geir B. Asheim:
Characterizing sustainability: The converse of Hartwick's rule.
"Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control" 23, 1998. 159-165.
  S�ren Blomquist and Vidar Christiansen:
Topping up or opting out? The optimal design of public provision schemes.
"International Economic Review" Vol. 39, No 2, May 1998. 399-411.
  S�ren Blomquist and Vidar Christiansen:
Price Subsidies Versus Public Provision.
S�ren Blomquist and Vidar "International Tax and Public Finance" 5, 1998. 283-306.
  Steinar Holden:
Wage Drift and the Relevance of Centralised Wage Setting.
"Scand. Journal of Economics" 100(4), 1998. 711-731.
  Olav Bjerkholt:
Interaction between model builders and policy makers in the Norwegian tradition.
"Economic Modelling" 15, 1998. 317-339.
  Erik Bi�rn and Tor Jakob Klette:
Panel Data with errors-in-variables:
essential and redundant orthogonality conditions in GMM-estimation.
Economics Letters 59, 1998. 275-282.
  Erik Biorn:
Survival and Efficiency Curves for Capital and The Time-age-profile of Vintage Prices."Empirical Economics"
23, 1998. 611-633.
  Tore Nilssen and Lars Sørgard:
Time Schedule and Program Profile: TV News in Norway and Denmark.
"Journal of Economics & Management Strategy"
Vol. 7, No 2, Summer 1998, 209-235
  Tore Nilssen and Lars Sørgard:
Sequential Horizontal Mergers. "European Economic Review"
42, 1998. 1683-1702.
  Knut Røed:
Egalitarian Wage Policies and Long-Term Unemployment. "Scand. Journal of Economics"
100(3), 1998. 611-625.
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