Reprints 1995 - 1997

ISSN 0801-151

  Un modello di offerta di lavord familiare. Effetti distributivi e di efficienza di riforme fiscali
by Steinar Strøm, Ugo Colombino and Rolf Aaberge
Ricerche quantitative per la politica economica 1997, 267-297 (1997)
  Abundance of Northeastern Atlantic Minke Whales, Estimates for 1989 and 1995
by Tore Schweder, Hans J. Skaug, Xeni K. Dimakos, Mette Langaas and Nils Øien
Reprinted from "REP. INT. WHAL. COMMN" 47 (1997) 453-483
  Health Complaints and Job Stress in Norwegian Physicians:
the Use of an Overlapping Questionnaire design
by Olaf G. Aasland, Miranda Olff, Erik Falkum, Tore Schweder and Holger Ursin
Reprinted from "Soc. Sci. Med." Vol. 45, No 11 (1997) 1615-1629
  Measurement Error Models for the Norwegian Minke Whale Survey in 1995
by Tore Schweder
Reprinted from "REP. INT. WHAL. COMMN" 47 (1997) 485-488
  On the Tracking Performance in the Norwegian Minke Whale Survey in 1995
by Tore Schweder
Reprinted from "REP. INT. WHAL. COMMN" 47 (1997) 489-492
  Abundance Estimation of Northeastern Atlantic Minke Whales
by T. Schweder, G. Hagen, J. Helgeland and I. Koppervik
Reprinted from "REP. INT. WHAL. COMMN" 46 (1996) 391-405
  A Note on a Buoy-Sighting Experiment in the North Sea in 1990
by Tore Schweder
Reprinted from "REP. INT. WHAL. COMMN" 46 (1996) 383-385
  Resightings in Shipborne Surveys of Northeastern Atlantic Minke Whales: Cue Counts and Cue Positions
by Tore Schweder
Reprinted from "REP. INT. WHAL. COMMN" 46 (1996) 387-390
  Bayesian Synthesis or Likelihood Synthesis - What Does Borel's Paradox Say?
by Tore Schweder and Nils Lid Hjort
Reprinted from "REP. INT. WHAL. COMMN" 46 (1996) 475-479
  Rolf Aaberge, John K. Dagsvik and Steinar Strøm
Labor Supply Responses and Welfare Effects of Tax Reforms
Reprinted from Scand. J. of Economics 97 (4), 1995. 635-659.
ISSN 1121-7081
No 2 Anne I. H. Borge, Ellen Hartmann and Steinar Strøm
The Norwegian perspective on issues of quality in day care.
Reprinted from European Journal of Psychology of Education.Vol. XI, 1996, 129-137.
No 2 Erik Hernæs and Steinar Strøm
Heterogeneity and Unemployment Duration
Reprinted from LABOUR; vol. 10, 1996. 269-296
ISSN 1121-7081
No 480 Karl Ove Moene and Michael Wallerstein:
Solidaristic Wage Bargaining.
Reprinted from "The Nordic Journal of Political Economy" vol. 22, 1995. 79-94.
ISBN 82-570-8937-0
No 481 Karl Ove Moene and Michael Wallerstein:
Economic Integration and Unemployment in the EFTA Countries.
Reprinted from the book "Monetary and Fiscal Policy in an Integrated Europe". Act.ed. Jürgen von Hagen. 182-201.
ISBN 82-570-8938-9
No 482 Preben Munthe:
Ragnar Frisch, Ole Colbjørnsen og Arbeiderpartiets Kriseplaner.
Særtrykk fra "Norsk Økonomisk Tidsskrift (NØT)" 109, 1995.
ISBN 82-570-8939-7
No 483 Rolf Aaberge, John K. Dagsvik and Steinar Strøm:
Labor Supply Responses and Welfare Effects of Tax Reforms.
Reprinted from "Scand. Journal of Economics" 97 (4), 1995. 635-659.
ISBN 82-570-8940-0
No 484 Michael Hoel:
Should a Carbon Tax be differentiated across Sectors?
Reprinted from "Journal of Public Economics 59, 1996. 17-32.
ISBN 82-570-8941-9
No 485 Hilde Bojer:
Kvinner, menn og inntektsulikhet i Norge 1970-1990.
Særtrykk fra "Sosialøkonomen" nr. 9, oktober 1995. 22-28.
ISBN 82-570-8942-7
No 486 Hilde Bojer:
Hva Rawls egentlig mente.
Særtrykk fra "Sosialøkonomen" nr. 11, desember 1995. 2-6.
ISBN 82-570-8943-5
No 487 Steinar Holden:
Makroekonomisk teori om arbetsløshet.
Særtrykk fra "Arbetsmarknad & Arbetsliv" årg. 2, nr. 1, våren 1996. 37-51.
ISBN 82-570-8944-3
No 488 Geir B. Asheim:
Capital Gains and Net National Product in Open Economies.
Reprinted from "Journal of Public Economics" 59, 1996. 419-434.
ISBN 82-570-8945-1
No 489 Jon Strand:
First-best Environmental Taxation under Moral Hazard.
Reprinted from the book "Law and Economics of the Environment". Erling Eide and Roger van den Bergh, (eds.) Juridisk Forlag, Oslo 1996. 231-242.
ISBN 82-570-8947-8
No 490 Jon Strand:
Environmental Policy, Worker Moral Hazard, and the Double Dividend Issue.
Reprinted from the book "Environmental Fiscal Reform and Unemployment". Carlo Carraro and Domenico Siniscalco, (eds.). Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands 1996. 122-135.
ISBN 82-570-8948-6
No 491 Jon Strand:
Business fluctuations, worker moral hazard and optimal environmental policy.
Reprinted from the book "The New Macroeconomics". Huw David Dixon and Neil Rankin, (eds.). Cambridge University Press 1995. 214-233.
ISBN 82-570-8949-4
No 492 Arne Bigsten and Karl Ove Moene:
Growth and Rent Dissipation: the Case of Kenya.
Reprinted from "Journal of African Economies", Vol. 5, No. 2.
ISBN 82-5708950-8
No 493 Tore Thonstad:
Folketall og økonomi - et utfordrende grensefelt.
Særtrykk fra "Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift" 2/1996. 168-176.
ISBN 82-570-8951-6
No 494 Jon Strand:
Employment and Wages with Sector-specific Shocks and Worker Moral Hazard
Reprinted from "Journal of Economics", Vol. 63 1996, No 2. 151-173.
ISBN 82-570-8952-4.
No 495 Finn R. Førsund:
On the Calculation of the Scale Elasticity in DEA Models.
Reprinted from "The Journal of Productivity Analysis", 7, 1996. 283-302.
ISBN 82-570-8953-2
No 496 Bernt Stigum:
Theory Data Confrontations in Economics.
Reprinted from "Dialogue" XXXIV, 1995. Canadian Philosophical Assosiation. 581-604.
ISBN 82-570-8954-0
No 497 Tore Thonstad:
Globalisering kontra Regionalisering.
Særtrykk fra "Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift - Festskrift til Anders Ølgaard". 20-31.
ISBN 82-570-8955-9
No 498 Finn R. Førsund, Lennart Hjalmarsson and Timo Summa:
The Interplay between Micro-Frontier and Sectoral Short-Run Production Functions.
Reprint from "Scand. J. of Economics 98 (3), 1996. 365-386.
ISBN 82-570-8956-7
No 499 Atle Seierstad:
Constrained Retarded Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems in Banach State Space.
Reprinted from "Applied Mathematics, Optimization" 34, 1996. 191-230.
ISBN 82-570-8957-5
No 500 Erik Hernæs and Steinar Strøm:
Heterogeneity and Unemployment Duration.
Reprinted from “Labour” 10, 1996. 269-296.
ISBN 82-570-8958-3.
No 501 Arne Martin Torgersen, Finn R. Førsund and Sverre A.C. Kittelsen:
Slack-Adjusted Efficiency Measures and Ranking of Efficient Units.
Reprinted from “The Journal of Productivity Analysis”, 7, 1996. 379-398.
ISBN 82-570-8959-1
No 502 Knut Røed:
Unemployment Hysteresis - Macro Evidence from 16 OECD Countries.
Reprinted from “Empirical Economics” 21, 1996. 589-600.
ISBN 82-570-8960-5
No 503 Steinar Holden and Birger Vikøren:
The Credibility of a Fixed Exchange Rate: How Reputation is Gained or Lost.
Reprinted from “Scandinavian Journal of Economics” 98 (4), 1996.485-502.
ISBN 82-570-8961-3
No 504 Asbjørn Rødseth:
Exchange Rate versus Price Level Targets and Output Stability.
Reprinted from “Scandinavian Journal of Economics” 98 (4), 1996. 559-577.
ISBN 82-570-8962-1
No 505 Geir B. Asheim:
Ethical Preferences in the Presence of Resource Constraints.
Reprinted from “Nordic Journal of Political Economy”, Vol. 23 (1), 1996. 55-67.
ISBN 82-570 8964-8
No 506 Preben Munthe:
Thomas Sinding - en universitetslærer.
Særtrykk fra “Forum for universitetshistorie”. Skriftserie 3/1996. 5-51.
ISBN 82-570-8965-6
No 507 Thorolfur Mattiasson:
Why Fishing Fleets Tend to be “Too Big”.
Reprinted from “Marine Resource Economics” Vol. 11, 1996. 173-179.
ISBN 82-570-8966-4
No 508 Kari H. Eika, Neil R. Ericsson and Ragnar Nymoen:
Hazards in Implementing a Monetary Condtions Index.
Reprinted from “Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics”, 58, 4, 1996. 765-790.
ISBN 82-570-8967-2
No 509 Michael Hoel and Snorre Kverndokk:
Depletion of Fossil Fuels and the Impacts of Global Warming.
Reprinted from “Resource and Energy Economics” 18, 1996. 115-136.
ISBN 82-570-8968-0
No 510 Tore Nilssen:
On The Consistency of Merger Policy.
Reprinted from “Journal of Industrial Economics” vol. XLV, March 1997. 89-100.
ISBN 82-570-8969-9
No 511 Karl Ove Moene, Ragnar Nymoen and Michael Wallerstein:
Labor Market Friction and Unemployment.
Reprinted from the book “Making Solidarity Work?” Ed. By Jon Erik Dølvik and Arild Steen.
1997. 189-207.
ISBN 82-570-8970-2
No 512 Karl Ove Moene and Michael Wallerstein:
Redistribution of Assets Versus Redistribution of Income: Comments on "Efficient Redistribution" by Bowles and Gintis.
Reprinted from "Politics and Society", Vol. 24, No. 4, December 1996.
Managing Ed.: Mary-Ann Twist. 369-381.
ISBN 82-570-8971-0
No 513 Geir B. Asheim and Tore Nilssen:
Insurance Monopoly and Renegotiation.
Reprinted from "Economic Theory" 9, 1997 341-354.
SBN 82-570-8972-9
No 514 Hilde Bojer:
Children and Distributional Justice.
Reprinted from "Nordic Journal of Political Economy", Vol. 23, Issue 2, 1996. 121-131.
ISBN 82-570-8973-7
No 515 Preben Munthe:
Megling i arbeidstvister- teori og praksis. S�rtrykk fra "Sleggene synger og hamrene sl�r...". Festskrift til Tor Aspengren, 80 �r 1. februar 1997.123-141.
ISBN 82-570-8974-5
No 516 Steinar Holden:
Wage Bargaining, Holdout, and Inflation.
Reprinted from "Oxford Economic Papers" 49, 1997. 235-255.
ISBN 82-570-8975-3
No 517 Rolf Golombek and Arvid Raknerud:
Do Environmental Standards Harm Manufacturing Employment?
Reprinted from "The Scandinavian Journal of Economics", vol. 99 No 1, pp. 29-44,1997.
ISBN 82-570-8976-1.
No 518 Michael Hoel and Kerstin Schneider:
Reprinted from "Environmental and Resource Economics" 9, 1997, pp. 153-170.
ISBN 82-570-8978-8.
No 519 Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr and Lise Sandsbr�ten:
Reprinted from "Scandinavian Journal of Economics" 99 (2), 1997, pp. 281-297.
ISBN 82-570-8979-6
No 520 Geir B. Asheim:
Reprinted from "Review of Economic Studies" 64, 1997. pp. 427-443.
ISBN 82-570-8981-8
No 521 Michael Hoel:
Reprinted from "Scandinavian Journal of Economics" 99 (2), 1997. pp. 241-259.
ISBN 82-570-8982-6
No 522 Tore Nilssen: SEQUENTIAL LOCATION WHEN TRANSPORTATION COST ARE ASYMMETRIC. Reprinted from "Economics Letters" 54, 1997. 191-201. ISBN 82-570-8983-4
No 523 Karl Ove Moene and Michael Wallerstein: PAY INEQUALITY. Reprinted from "Journal of Labor Economics", vol 15, No 3 pt. 1, 1997. 403-430. ISBN 82-570-8984-2
No 524 Asbj�rn R�dseth: WHY HAS UNEMPLOYMENT BEEN SO LOW IN NORWAY? ON THE POTENTIAL OF MACROECONOMIC EXPLANATIONS. Reprinted from the book "Making Solidarity Work?".Ed. By Jon Erik D�lvik and Arild Steen. 1997. 155-188. ISBN 82-570-8985-0
No 525 Thorolfur Matthiasson: CONSEQUENSES OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT IN THE ICELANDIC ITQ MARKET. Reprinted from "Marine Resource Economics", vol. 12. 1997. 107-126. ISBN 82-570-8986-9
No 526 Geir B.Asheim: ADJUSTING GREEN NNP TO MEASURE SUSTAINABILITY. Reprinted from "Scand. Journal of Economics" 99(3), 1997. 355-370. ISBN 82-570-8987-7
No 527 Elin Berg, Snorre Kverndokk and Knut Einar Rosendahl: MARKET POWER, INTERNATIONAL CO2 TAXATION AND OIL WEALTH. Reprinted from the "The Energy Journal" vol. 18, No. 4, 1997. 33-71. ISBN 82-570-8988-5
No 528 Atle Sei erstad: NONSMOOT H CONTROL PROBLEMS IN BANACH STATE SPACE. Reprinte d from "Optimization", Vol. 41. 303-319, 1997 ISBN 82-570-8989-3
No 529 Geir B. Asheim and Tore Nilssen: NON-DISCRIMINATING RENEGOTIATION IN A COMPETITIVE INSURANCE MARKET. Reprinted from "European Economic Review" 40, 1996. 1717-1736. ISBN 82-570-8990-7
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