IMF’s consultation with Norway: Preliminary findings and policy recommendations

Public lecture with the IMF mission chief for Norway, Jacques Miniane.

Photo of Jacques Miniane

Jacques Miniane.

The IMF has identified the following challenges facing Norway's economy:

  • Impaired competitiveness in non-oil sectors.
  • High and rising non-oil budget deficits.
  • Elevated house prices combined with high household debt.

After sharing its views on current economic conditions and appropriate policy stance at this point in the cycle, the IMF team will present its novel analysis on the aforementioned structural issues, as well as policy recommendations to address them.

The last half hour is open for Q&A.

NB: Coffee will be served outside the auditorium at 08:45. The event is open to all interested.

Published June 1, 2018 3:28 PM - Last modified June 7, 2018 1:06 PM