Guest lecture: Taxation of Multinational Enterprises

Marianne Marthinsen and Maria S. Wahlberg are economists and politicans. They have written a book together about common tax avoidance strategies: Rødt lys. Det store skatteranet- og hvordan vi kan stoppe det.  The guest lecture is a part of ECON4415, but is open for all. 

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Photo: Marthinsen and Walberg, Cappelen Damm

Maria Schumacher Walberg and Marianne Marthinsen thinks the gap between tax evasion experts and those involved in the public debate is too big. To answer this, they have written the book Rødt lys. Det store skatteranet - og hvordan vi kan stoppe det (Translated; The red light. The big tax bracket - and how we can stop it).

Their aim is to reduce the gap and elevate the debate from moral condemnation. How can we stop multinational corporations' use of tax havens? What measures can be adopted by the Parliament of Norway without the need for international agreements?

The guest lecture is open for all, and is held in English. 

Published Oct. 14, 2019 3:35 PM - Last modified Oct. 15, 2019 3:39 PM